10 Beautiful Windows 7 Themes

Got Windows 7 in your PC and want to fresh it up with beautiful Theme? After showcasing 20 Best Themes for Windows XP, we have now compiled 10 Beautiful Themes for Windows 7.

Before installing these themes make sure your Windows 7 PC is ready for installing third party themes.

You need to patch up uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll and themeservice.dll system files in order to use custom Visual Styles(.msstyle).

Go through the detailed step-by-step guide on How To Install Custom Themes In Windows 7.

1. Aero X


Aero X is a beautiful theme for Windows 7 with full transparent windows. The address and search bar are also transparent. The theme comes with new explorer buttons and colorful text.

2. Q’s Counter Elements 7


A dark stylish theme for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

3. Bluedream


A elegant looking blue theme for 32-bit and 64-Bit versions of Windows 7.

4. Windows 7 Red


A beautiful theme for all those Red color lovers.

5. Soft7


Soft7 is a remarkably beautiful blue theme with soft looks. A new super bar is included with the theme which is available for Top super bar users. The theme works on 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions.

6. Clear Glass 7


Clear Glass is a awesome looking transparent theme. This theme is compatible with 32-Bit version. The theme pack includes Visual Styles/Themes ( With User Picture & Without User Picture), Clear Glass 7 Welcome Center, Explorer.exe for 32-Bit, Start ORB Image, shell32.dll, and Wallpapers.

7. ThaImpact VS


If you are a dark theme lover, this one is for you. ThaImpact is a very dark black theme with many special effects. The pack includes Visual Styles (also .theme file), Explorer.exe (x64/x86), explorerframe.dll (x64/x86), Fonts and uxtheme patch (x64/x86).

8. Alternative for Windows 7


A beautiful and stylish theme only for Aero Users.

9. A Little MAC


This theme is for all those Mac Lovers. The windows start button is replaced with a beautiful V button. Go through the author’s page thoroughly for installation procedure before applying the theme.

10. Twilight New Moon


A nice theme based on the recent blockbuster Hollywood movie “New Moon – The Twilight Saga”. Go through the author’s page in detail before installation.

Download, Install and Enjoy!

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