Add or Remove Toolbar Buttons in Windows 7 Explorer with CustomExplorerToolbar

Here is a simple tool that works for Windows 7 only. It lets you add or remove toolbar buttons of Windows Explorer. If you have been one of those Windows 7 users who were missing the toolbar buttons such as Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All, etc., that were available in Windows Vista or Windows XP, then here is a quick way to get them back.

CustomExplorerToolbar is a free standalone tool that lets you easily add or remove buttons to/from the toolbar of Windows Explorer. The program does not require any installation. You can simply double click the EXE file to run it. You will of course need to give UAC permission, if UAC is enabled on your PC.


The program has a single window in which you can choose to add or remove the selected buttons to or from Explorer toolbar.

The ‘Action’ drop down menu lets you specify whether you want to add or remove the selected buttons.


The ‘Toolbar Mode’ lets you choose when you want to perform the above specified ‘Action’ – when one or more items are selected or not selected.


From the ‘Buttons List’, you can select all those buttons that you would like to add or remove. The ‘Folder Types’ section lets you choose which kind of folders will be affected by these changes. By default, ‘Generic Folders’ is selected.

Here is a screenshot showing the Copy, Delete, and Remove properties buttons being added to the toolbar.


CustomExplorerToolbar works with both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7.

Visit the Developer’s page.

Download CustomExplorerToolbar

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