Auto Backup SMS From Android Phone To Gmail Account

Want to have SMS backups accessible from anywhere in the world online? “SMS Backup” android app is for you. “SMS Backup” app lets you backup all your SMS to your Gmail account. Hence you need not worry about storing the backup in a pen drive and maintaining sync with it.

This nice app takes care of everything. It can automatically backup SMS to your Gmail account. What more, you can customize the label for the SMS that will be shown in Gmail account or leave with default option in which the app labels messages as “SMS”.


How to Backup SMS to your Gmail Account

Firstly, you need to enable IMAP in your Gmail account.

To do it, login to your Gmail account in which you want to backup all SMS and go to:

“Settings”—> Forwarding and POP/IMAP—> IMAP Access. Choose “Enable IMAP” option and click “Save Changes”.


Install “SMS Backup” app using QR Code given below:


Launch the app and configure the settings by keying in Gmail account and password. Check “Auto backup” option if you want the app to automatically backup new messages. Tap on “Advanced settings” and then you can give a name for the backup folder name. Or simply leave the default “SMS” value.

Tap “Backup now” button. Now the app will backup all your SMS to your Gmail account. Wait till the process is completed.


After the process is complete, login to your Gmail account. You can see all the SMS backups with label “SMS”.




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