Batch Resize JPG images easily with Free ResizeMyPhotos

If you take a lot of pictures with your digital camera, you may find yourself often resizing the pictures to upload them to a photo sharing site such as Flickr or even send them in an email. Doing the simple resizing job using an Image Editor like Paint.NET or any online tools is time-consuming.

It is always better to use a tool dedicated to the function in order to have the job done in the fastest time. A simple tool which has already been mentioned is the ToYcon which converts any image into an icon in a jiffy. Similarly, ResizeMyPhotos is a small and free tool for batch resizing of JPEG images.

imageYou can simply select any number of images and select ‘Resize My Photos’ on the right click context menu. Or you can open up the application and add all the files or folders containing the pictures to resize a whole bunch of images. ResizeMyImages also supports adding of images by dragging and dropping. Images added in a batch can be resized by the longest edge (box), height or width.

Also the quality of the resized image can be controlled to suit your needs. ResizeMyFiles does not overwrite the existing files when the output folder is same as the input. It simply renames the resized photos with a prefix/suffix which can be set through the options dialog. ResizeMyImages works only with JPG images. In spite of this limitation, it is a good and efficient tool for those who often resize digital photos, which are mostly in JPEG format.


Download ResizeMyPhotos 
ResizeMyPhotos works with Windows XP, Vista, requires .NET Framework 2.0 or later

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5 Responses

  1. Mithlesh says:

    itz really amazing……. very helpful………… n fast as well……….. thnx buddy

  2. Shilpa says:

    very fast….. best thing i have got in my image editing collection. thanks a lot

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