Browse images and videos on a 3D wall in Firefox with Cool Iris

Cool Iris brings a third dimension into image browsing with it’s plug-in for Firefox. You can view images and videos from a number of preset channels, search engines, social networks, all on a 3D wall. Cool Iris gives an ultra slick browsing experience, along with speeding up your image and video search.

You can zoom in or out of the wall, to see as many thumbnails as you wish. The slider gives a smooth scrolling of the wall, with a desired wall angle and scroll speed, all set through the Wall settings.
Clicking on Cool Iris icon in Firefox after installing the extension
brings up a new tab in your window. Cool Iris lets you search Flickr, Google Images, Picasa, DeviantArt, Hulu, YouTube,
Blinkx, Craigslist Sales. A number of channels like News, Sports, Music
Videos, Movie Trailers are available from the left side menu.

Cool Iris scrshot
Cool Iris scrshot search
Cool Iris is a good way to view all your pictures on your PC, giving you that rich experience. You can enhance your shopping experience by browsing through more than 10 stores including Amazon, ShopNBC, HBO Shop and Walmart.

It is a pleasure to watch all your images in a slideshow, in Cool Iris. Start the slide show by clicking on the icon at the bottom right or simply double clicking on any image. A film strip view of images makes it easy to browse through the slideshow.

The speed of the slideshow, as with the rest of the Wall settings like the number of rows of images or videos to be displayed can be set by clicking the wheel like icon at bottom right.

Another cool feature of Cool Iris plug-in for Firefox is that it lets
you have the same rich experience in websites that support Cool Iris.
Currently a vast array of sites support Cool Iris. Other than the sites
that can be searched from Cool Iris’s search box , Fotki, Photobucket,
Smugmug, Getty Images, Bebo, Facebook, Friendster, HI5, MYSpace, Kodak
gallery, Tripwolf, Shutterpoint, Xbox Live Faces and many more websites support Cool Iris.

cool iris google images For browsing images and videos in these sites on a 3D wall, click on the Cool Iris icon on the image/video. Your image and video search on Google and YouTube is much simplified.

By registering with Cool Iris, you get to have a personal URL for your 3D wall. You can tag images as favorites and share with your friends and family. Though Cool Iris gives you a rich image viewing experience it does not give you any download options.

For saving the image you will have to visit the website. This is a drawback for image search, considering the fact that most of us search for images on the web to save them to our PC and use them. Cool Iris is most suitable to browse images saved on your hard disk or on your social networking/photo sharing site, especially family albums, party photos, in a rich and enhancing environment.

Download Cool Iris

Platform: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Works with: Firefox 3.0, 3.5

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