BYB Super Bright CREE L2 LED Rechargeable Bike Headlight Review

BYB headlight is one of the powerful headlights for the Bike. Let’s see what this headlight has to offer for you and if it is suitable for your use.


What’s in the Box

bybheadlight package

BYB Headlight Package

In the box you get the following items:

  • Headlight
  • Taillight
  • Charger
  • Battery Pack
  • Headband and
  • 4x Headlight fasteners

Build and Design Quality

The headlight is made of ABS plastic and anti-slip rubber from the outside. The inner CREE bulb housing is all aluminum with heat dissipating fins. All clamps that get mounted to the bike are made of ABS plastic and while they do look strong, but only time will tell if the clamps can sustain harsh weather like cold and hot cycles. I think the manufacturer should start thinking of metal clamps for the next models to make sure the clamps are as durable as the headlight itself.


The taillight looks good and are bright enough to attract attention. It works on its own two AAA batteries (not included) and its compartment is accessible by removing two Philips screws. A white reflective sticker is attached to the taillight which is a sort of backup in case the batteries are dead.

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Headlight band is included in the package just in case if you prefer that way instead of mounting the light on to the Bike. It is made of elastic band and looks durable. Water-sealed rechargeable battery pack is included in a pouch that packs 5000 mAh of power for a prolonged use. The battery pack sits on to your Bike or to your waist belt using a Velcro strap. A 8.4V 1A charger is included in the box to charge this monster battery pack.

Features and Performance

The headlight has one control switch that does everything, and it is backlit, so easily visible in the dark, just that the battery pack should be connected – obvious. Pressing the switch activates High/medium/low brightness modes, and SOS strobe modes. The light is super powerful and typically these L2 CREEs emit as high as 850 lumens of light, enough for pro purpose use in complete darkness and moderate speeds. Objects as far as 200 ft away in pitch dark is clearly visible with this light. With so much light, no wonder the headlight should get hot, but the Aluminum fin housing is highly efficient and great in performance – I could see it mild hot inspite of several hours of turning it ON. During my review, it provided continuous light for around 10 hrs with full brightness.

Overall, the headlight is really really powerful, but it does have some cons. I wish the clamps are more durable and made of metal rather than the current plastic design that hold on to the Bike frame without rotating. They should definitely include a simple instruction manual. Yes, they isn’t one in the box, at least what we got for review.

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