Capture Screenshot and Tweet it in 3 Easy Steps using DesktopTweet

You just made a breakthrough progress in a project you are working and your first instinct was to share a screenshot of your desktop on Twitter. But, you are put off by the lengthy process of having to first use a screen capture software to take a screenshot, saving it on your desktop, logging into a Twitter photo sharing service, and uploading it.

If this is what’s stopping you from frequently sharing screenshots of your desktop or browser or any other program on your PC, then you may very well be relieved to be introduced to DesktopTweet.

DesktopTweet is a freeware that allows you to do everything you need to take a screenshot and tweet it, from one single interface. After installation, you are asked to give your Twitter login id and password. This is essential as DesktopTweet allows you to tweet a message to Twitter along with uploading your screenshot to an image sharing service.


The program lets you take a screenshot of the entire screen or a selected portion. You can even select an existing JPG, PNG, or GIF image from your hard drive.

Right click on the program’s icon in the taskbar and select one of the screen capture options in the ‘Tweet Picture…’ right click context menu.


In case you have selected ‘Snap Screen Region’, then you will find a selection box on your screen. You can drag the box to select any part of the screen, and also drag it by its right bottom edge to change its dimensions.


Once you are done with the selection, double-click on the box to open the upload dialog of DesktopTweet. Here, you can enter a tweet message, and choose an online Twitter picture sharing service from the ‘Service’ list.

Currently, the available services are TweetPhoto, TwitrPix, Twitgoo, Pikchur, TwitPic, yfrog, and Posterous.


You can also save the screenshot to your hard disk.

DesktopTweet allows you to set custom shortcuts for snapping pictures from your Computer’s screen or hard disk. This way, you get to tweet your whole screen in just 2 steps!

Download DesktopTweet

DesktopTweet works with Windows 7, Vista, XP. It requires .NET Framework 2.0.

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