CATIA V5 Tutorial: How to Convert CATProduct to CATPart

Sometimes we come across scenario in which we want to save a large assembly (CATProduct) consisting of many parts into one single part (CATPart).  A typical example would be development of Body Side of Car parts keeping all the Packaging Data like Engine, Radiator, battery etc in a single CATPart for reference. Every time it is pain to open complete Product especially when it is frozen and is needed only for reference while designing surrounding parts. In this tutorial we will show you how you can convert CATProduct into CATPart.

How to Convert “CATProduct” into single “CATPart” in CATIA V5?

1. Open the CATProduct in Assembly Design Workbench. For example, consider a simple CATProduct consisting of 3 parts viz. Part A,  Part B, and Part C.

2. Click on the Product name in the Specification tree.
3. Go to “Tools” and then select “Generate CATPart from Product…”.
 Generate CATPart from Product
4. Give a name as desired for the generated single CATPart.

You are done. Now a single CATPart will have all the three bodies in it.


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