Celestial Aura: Free 3-Column WordPress Theme from dkszone.net

Celestial Aura is an SEO-friendly free three column WordPress theme with left and right sidebars. They can accommodate blocks of Wide Skyscraper width (160×600). It has a beautiful cosmic header with a slick menu bar elegantly blended in a sky blue background. The article area is suitable for a adsense banner ad of 468×60 pixels.

Celestial Aura is based on one of the five elements of nature, Sky. This free three column template is highly customizable and optimized for maximum compatibility with all browsers.

Celestial Aura 3 column wordpress theme

The favicon of this theme can be easily replaced with your own (Details can be found in README.txt). Every one is free to download and use this theme, as long as they give credit to dkszone.net.

Celestial Aura 3 column wordpress theme
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If you like this theme, support our work. We put in lot of efforts in making this free theme for you. Please donate.

Live Demo of Celestial Aura

Download Celestial Aura V2 WordPress Theme

Version: 2.2

Tags: custom-header, custom-colors, theme-options, fixed-width, three-columns, blue, white, light, left-sidebar, right-sidebar

Theme Customizing Options

We provide various customizations of this theme with a nominal fee.

– New Header Design good for your website.

– Theme width changes

– Sidebar width changes

– Tweaking any other areas
For a quote “Contact Us” with details of changes you need and we will be happy to respond.

Version History

V2.2 [20th Mar 2010]

  • Added theme option for hiding blog title and slogan text on header image.
  • Fixed comments link on home page not leading to the Comments section on post page problem.
  • Fixed readme.txt link on ‘Celestial Aura Settings’ (theme options page) giving 404 Not Found error.
  • Added support for Wp-PageNavi plugin.

V2.1.5 [3rd Nov 2009]

  • Fixed image frame not appearing when center aligned.
  • Fixed post content wrapping beneath previous post’s image on the index pages when there is not enough text problem.
  • Fixed other Minor Issues.

V2.1.4 [14th Oct 2009]

  • Fixed layout issue which appears when “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”
    option is checked in Comment Settings.

V2.1.3 [12th Oct 2009]

  • Included border-bottom for Navigation Bar
  • Removed pipeline in browser title bar when blog title is not available
  • Excluded child categories from Navigation bar and other minor fixes.

V2.1.2 [9th Oct 2009]

  • Fixed Search Box padding problem.

V2.1.1 [7th Oct 2009]

  • Added Admin Options for custom header, custom background color, display of search box, post meta data, RSS Icon and other enhancements.
  • Easily turn on/off display of Search box and RSS Icon in Header.
  • Easily turn on/off display of Date/Time, Author, Categories and Tags.

V2.0.1 [23rd Sep 2009]

  • Fixed Navigation Bar image padding.

V2.0 [14th Sep 2009]

  • Major Update with revamped CSS.
  • Trackbacks and pings added to comment list and other minor changes.

V1.0 [2nd Aug 2009]

  • First version of Celestial Aura released.

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93 Responses

  1. dionysus1952 says:

    I think we might have a compatibility issue with WordPress 2.8.4. The problem – and full diagnostic information – can be viewed here: economatix.com/

    I am not a WordPress newcomer. I've been installing and configging WP since versions 1.x forward. This one has me stumped.

    Help would most definitely be appreciated.

  2. energyers says:

    Hello dkszone,

    Could you please inform us how to make a little bit "customize" the header? We plan to change the picture background and make the header a little but higher.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

    = the energyers team ==

  3. brittavojens says:

    Hello dkzone,
    Cool Template!
    I think I will use it, but can I change the blue color of all the boxes til another color?
    Thank you for your answer and have nice day

  4. Blogphire says:

    Quick question – I am installing Celestial, changing the custom header image. How do I remove the default blog name text which is still being displayed behind the new image? Thanks

  5. pennyb says:

    Hi, I love how easy it was to install my own header. That is a great feature! But, I don't know how to eliminate the words in white, they are still there on top of my header. The readme.txt is not working on my copy.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    • Perry says:

      Hi PennyB, I just noticed you solved your issue with the white lettering in the header, canyou tell me how you accomplished that? thanks for any help.

  6. pennyb says:

    Hi again, I just figured out how to remove the white lettering, Thanks for the free theme! Awesome!

  7. dks says:


    For customizing the sidebar header color you need to do two things.

    First, replace the image "sidebar_bg.png" in the images folder to another image (of desired color) with the same name and dimensions.

    Secondly, in style.css file, look for #sidebarLeft h2 and #sidebarRight h2 and give a background-color which suits your new image.

    For example, the code for #sidebarLeft h2 looks like this:

    #sidebarLeft h2{
    font-size: 13px;
    text-align: left;
    padding: 10px;
    color: #FFFFFF;
    background:url(images/sidebar_bg.png) repeat-x;
    background-color: #083a56;
    line-height: 14px;
    margin-top: 0px;
    margin-bottom: 10px;
    font-family: Helvetica, Arial, "Lucida Grande", Verdana, sans-serif;

    In the above piece of code, replace 083a56 (blue background-color) with a color of your choice.
    Repeat the same for #sidebarRight h2.

  8. L. Marshall says:

    I love your theme but when you click on a post the page for the specific post has too problems–the background color behind the post itself is the color you choose for the background color (this doesn't happen on the homepage where the post background remains white. Also, the right sidebar slides weirdly down on post pages. I'd give you my url but I reverted to my old theme because otherwise my site was unreadable. Is this fixable?

  9. L. Marshall says:

    To clarify my earlier query–if you choose a dark background color, then post text isn't readable on post pages.

  10. dks says:

    Strange. We never faced this problem and neither any users of the theme have reported it. The problem might be from your end. Try downloading the latest version of Celestial Aura from the Getit! Button above and apply it. Let us know if you still face the same problem.

  11. dks says:

    Nice to hear that you love the theme.

  12. dks says:

    Thanks for using our theme. We noticed that the default widgets in it caused the problem. Add any widget in any of the sidebar and everything should work fine. We have already fixed this problem and released V.2.1.2 a few days ago. You can download the latest version at our site : http://www.dkszone.net/2009/08/celestial-aura-f

    This should solve your problem.

  13. dionysus1952 says:

    I just want to say a couple of thank you's…..
    – thanks for a prompt response which solved the problem
    – thanks for a really lovely looking theme

    Sorry, I thought the wordpress gallery had the most recent version, I never
    thought to compare version numbers on your site and WP themes gallery. My

    Warm regards & MANY thanks (man, I love this theme!)

  14. fellowsbj says:

    How do I change the fonts in the "text" widgets for both the right and left sidebars? I want small text withing the widget.

  15. fellowsbj says:

    It doesn't look like my comment posted when I registered. Anyway, what I like to know is how to change the font in the widgets, specifically the "text" widget, in both the right and left sidebars. I would like the text to be smaller.

  16. L. Marshall says:

    Just to make sure I understand, using the latest version will resolve the problem of the background color appearing in the post box on the post pages and solve the problem of the right sidebar changing location on the post pages when using the latest version of wordpress? Do you plan to upload the latest version of Celestial to the WP library or does it need to be manually downloaded and uploaded?

  17. dks says:


    The latest version should solve the problem. The latest version is uploaded to WP library, but they take time in making it live. It may take another 4-5 days for the 2.1.3 to show up in WP library. We recommend you to download 2.1.3 from the above link and apply it manually. Good luck.

  18. dks says:

    Please note that we offer free support only for bug fixing and it's discussion. We are bound to take this step due to time constraints and hardly any donations. For theme customization, please go through the Theme customization section above.

  19. L. Marshall says:

    Thanks so much, probably won't be able to work on this again until the weekend but if they don't have the new version up I'll do it manually.

  20. dks says:

    This is to inform you that Celestial Aura is updated to 2.1.4. This is an important update. Please download the latest version from above and apply it to your website asap.

  21. Name says:

    Gee, I activated your theme, and now there is no place for me to login on my own site, lol.

  22. Cornspark says:

    When I apply this theme to my site the static "pages" don't function properly.

    It works on BaseBalldaddy.info but not on Sheerbetting.com

  23. hours1974 says:

    Installed the theme but posts are displaying on every page, not just on the home page. How do I stop this? Very nice theme otherwise!

  24. dks says:

    Please download and use the latest version 2.1.4 from the download link above. Your problem should vanish.

  25. CHris says:

    How do I get rid of the extremely large margin above the top of the page?

    normally this would be done thus in html:

    s what I want to di with celestial aura.

    Would be nice to be able to put my own navigation bar below default navigation bar.

  26. n-mytik says:

    Hi dks, i have two little questions related to this template:
    1º How can i center the navigate bar (buttons)?
    2º After centering the buttons how can i expand those?

    Keep the good work 🙂

  27. Bill Sterling says:

    I love celestial aura. I am brand new to this and it is very gentle and patient with me. thanks

  28. Melissa says:

    Question – I really like this theme, one problem however is the drop-down menu. On my website the menu home page (Reno Gazette- Journal) has a few subpages that are not showing up – why?

  29. Perry says:

    I really like this theme, but I am using a custom header and would like to remove the white lettering (blog name & info), I’m not being able to figure out how to do that and keep the RSS icon in the upper right corner at the same time. Can anyone help? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  30. Wendy says:

    Thank you for your theme. I just have one question. How do you change the favicon? It’s telling me to upload the favicon to the images folder, but I have no idea where that is. Any help would be appreciated.

  31. chad says:

    Hi dks!

    I really love Celestial Aura. Its the perfect one for my site! But i currently have a problem: when the home page of my site is opened on IE, the right navigation bar disappears. Though all the other pages work out just fine. Can this be resolved? My site is http://perfectrenders.com, check it out on IE.

    • dkszone says:

      Looks like you are using an old version of Celestial Aura. Try to upgrade and see if the problem still exists.

  32. Michael B says:

    Is there a way to adjust so that the entire post doesn’t show? Basically can I change it so only a paragraph or so appears on the actual homepage?

    • dkszone says:

      On the home page you can show only part of the posts by using the ‘More’ feature of WordPress while publishing the article.

  33. godmode says:

    I am using the latest 2.1.5.. why is it, I can test a button background color in FF dev tools, though when I try and change the style.css to the color – while the change takes, the color does not in the actual website. Strange.

  34. jeffpim says:

    How can I eliminate the right sidebar from displaying and make the middle column flush to the right? I want to end up with a left side bar and one big right column.

    • dkszone says:

      You will have to edit the stylesheet and make lot of changes to convert Celestial Aura into a 2 column theme.

  35. Shelby Kreig says:

    Great post, I read this a while ago and, since then . I was wondering… can I translate your post into portuguese – with link to your original post, of course?

  36. kenge labe says:

    Love the theme, and the best thing is that is free, fresh, clean and modern… 🙂 thanks guys…

  37. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the awesome theme. I am using it on my site and even though I have modified it quite a bit, I will continue to give you full credit for the fine work you gave us.
    Take care and Blessed Be

  38. Henrik says:

    The closing tag for ” is put inside an if-statement which causes it to sometimes not be printed even though the opening tag is always printed.
    A solution would be to simply move it outside the if-statement.

  39. Tom says:

    I just tried your blog and the side columns are not showing. http://www.archerybowreviews.com Any ideas?
    Thanks Tom

    • dkszone says:

      The side columns are showing on your website. It’s just that you have not added any widgets, so they are empty.
      Go to Appearance –> Widgets from your WordPress dashboard and add widgets.

  40. angela says:

    nice theme 🙂

  41. Thanks for a wonderful theme that is a delight to look at and so easy to work with.

  42. Julia says:

    how can i change the theme’s width ?

    I think it is little bit too narrow


    • dkszone says:

      You will have to edit the stylesheet, and also some images to change the width.
      Or we could do it for you at a reasonable charge. Contact us for a quote, if you are interested.

  43. DK says:

    How can I remove the text “Posts belonging to Category” that appears on my posts under each category?

  44. Anne says:

    My question is similar to Melissa’s a few months ago: how do I get subpages to show up under the parent page in the navigation bar (which shows static pages, not posts)?

  45. Chad L. says:

    I really like this theme. In the description, I read Elegant 3-column Theme with Admin Options for easy customization of Header image, Background Color, Search Box, Post Meta Data, RSS Icon, etc.
    Easily turn on/off Search Box, RSS Icon, Blog title/Slogan text.

    I can’t find the options to turn off the Search Box and RSS Icon. Where are they?

  46. Chad L. says:

    Forget it, I found it.

  47. Anne says:

    I’ve managed a workaround for the nav bar not showing drop-down sub-pages. But one thing I can’t figure out is why a widget placed in the right sidebar will show white header text, while if you place it in the left sidebar the title is gray and only turns to white/underlined with a mouse-over. I’ve scoured the stylesheet but can’t find the culprit.

  48. Yo says:

    Hi all, I just have a n issue on my pages that I allow for comments, but when I navigate to that page, “Comments are closed” is displayed… Any hints? I have the latest version and am on WP 3.0 (Same did occur on WP2.9.2)

  49. Joshua says:

    There seems to be a IE6 bug in WP 3. When installed in WP 3 and viewed in IE6 you are unable to click on links, select text, click in form fields. Also the nav items no longer hover and you can’t click on them. This only happens down about half of the page, then you can do all of the things listed above.

    It is like there is an invisible layer over everything that goes down half the page. This only happens in IE6 though.

  50. Chad says:

    hi dks!

    i’m still loving the celestial aura theme. i’m sure i’m still gonna use this theme for the upcoming ages. 😀

    i have a question though, is it possible to change the background image of the theme? not just the color. i tried changing it in the CSS file of the bg image with a an image URL but nothing happens.

    thanks in advance!

  51. Ed says:

    I am a big fan of the theme.

    I updated the version to the latest version and the drop-down I had on the top navigation bar has stopped working – can you advise me on what to do about this? Is it possible to go back to the older version? Thanks for your help

    • dkszone says:

      Celestial Aura does not have any drop down navigation. So in case you customized the theme for the drop down menu, you may have lost the customization when you upgraded the theme files. Even if you go back to an older version of Celestial Aura, you cannot get back your customization. Unless you have made a backup copy of the theme’s files before upgrading.

  52. suzie says:


    Is it possible to show images in tag links or category links when they are clicked on? at present my template does not do this, any ideas how I can amend it? (the image is only shown on the main page).

    Otherwise a beautiful templates, I love your layouts!


  53. Roy says:

    This is a great theme — I love it. I’ve been able to figure out most things, but one issue is really bugging me.

    I initially, and mistakenly, created my home page by modifying the “Welcome” post, naming the post “Home”. Then, after I was pretty deep in the implementation, I discovered my error and created a “Page” named “Home”, transferred the content and trashed the “Home” post then permanently deleted it.

    Now, on my top navigation bar, I have 2 entries for “Home”. I cannot find where to fix this. I am using the Celestial Aura version 2.2 and WP 3.0.1. Is the top navigation bar controlled by Celestial Aura or WordPress 3?

    Help, please, we’re almost ready to launch.

    Thank you,

  54. Roy says:

    I have been using your Celestial Aura Theme V2.2 and am really pleased with it. However, a lot of foreign code began appearing in the footer and I can’t find it anywhere. I tried to copy it into this comment, but I guess that’s not allowed. Please look at it at http://www.twilitelimo.com and let me know what you think.

    Thank you,

    • dkszone says:

      @Roy, That code doesn’t exist in our theme. It seems like a junk of code added by some plug-in. Try disabling plug-in’s one by one and check for it to disappear. If nothing works, we suggest to install a fresh copy of theme without any plugins activated. Then proceed to activating plugins one by one.

      • Roy says:

        Yes, you are correct. It was a plugin, although I never found the errant code anywhere within their plugin, either. Oh well, they’re history now and everything is fine now.

        Thank you!

  55. JeffP says:

    I am getting 1 pixel gray borders on all tables. I have tried…
    and nothing happens. Is there a way to eliminate the table grid lines?

  56. JeffP says:

    My previous post missed this code: style=”border:none;” border=”0″

  57. sonia says:

    very nice theme..

  58. Dorothy Ann Cole says:

    Some comments coming in are complaining that they cannot see full website…I keep asking what browser they are using, but haven’t gotten any replies back yet. Others love the quick download.

    Built through Mozilla, latest version…

    Any ideas?

    SEO is working. I haven’t even put in Keywords or metatags, and people are finding the site. Thank you so much for a terrific design.

  59. atozvision says:

    I have been using your Celestial Aura Theme V2.2. Really it is very nice. But there is a problem in footer image. Pleas see the picture.
    I want to place foote image in center under the page. please help me.

  60. Hi

    Great theme! Only one problem. How comes the theme disables html on tag and category pages? For example, if I enter a post and put a link on the first word of the post, then it shows OK on the post page, but on the category page, the excerpt does not show the link.

    What can we do to prevent this from happening? What should I change?

  61. I was wondering how I would go about adding a 468×60 ad in the header? I know the header image itself is the background, and I was thinking about just adding a float:right to the ad inside a div, but it doesn’t look like it uses div’s.

  62. Synflex Rep says:

    We are looking to install this theme at healthyjointcare.com Healthy Joint Relief site, but need to know if it’s compatible with the new WordPress version (3.0.2). Is it?

  63. joy says:

    i like your site.

  64. Reda says:

    Hello ! First time i see the best free theme ! realy great job ! Simple Theme ! no more effects or failles entries !

    BUT MY PROBLEM IS : i want dellet the comment form from the pages and posts ! i don’t want comments ! Because im making a website only for me and my workgroup ! and i not allow registrations ! PLEASE HELP ME HOW TO DELET THIS COMMENT FORM !

  65. Trase Passantino says:

    Wondering if anyone who has figured out a workaround to get the nav bar to show child pages as a drop-down would consider sharing their solution? Thanks!

  66. Tim says:

    I’d love drop down menus to work as well. Please email me or share if they now do.


  67. reaz says:

    hi do anyone know how to put a login slider on the header of this theme.
    i put one but it keeps coming at the footer , not the header
    thanks in advance

  68. klajdi says:

    I have used this one for the dropdown menujquery-drop-down-menu-plugin.2.4 and it have worked pretty well.. you can google on it and after installing it you can change in the stylesheet of the plugin as you wonder.

  69. Roy says:

    I’ve been using Celestial Aura Theme V2.2 for about a year now and have been completely pleased with it’s adaptability. However, I’ve just run into my 1st disappointment. I want to create a custom page template, eliminating the sidebars, and find out the theme doesn’t support custom page templates.

    We are using the theme much like a CMS as there are NO posts or comments, only pages. I like the consistency provided by have every page identical except for the content between the sidebars. But, I really do need 1 page with the sidebars.

    Is there anything I can do?

    Thank you,

  70. Amyputo says:

    How can I make my side bar pages show as drop downs with their child pages?

  71. Link demo is broken
    Any fo other link to see demo ?

  72. N4urul says:

    good them i like this 

  73. Stevefry77 says:

    How do I edit the home page? It just says 
    Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

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  79. ianmoone says:

    Any chance you’ll do an update to this any time soon?

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