Restore Your PC, Recover Data After System Crashes Using Comodo Time Machine

Whenever your PC gets infected with a virus or spyware, the first thing you want to do is to restore your Computer to an early state. Though Windows lets you do a complete system restore including system files, application files and the registry, it does not recover any of your lost files or documents. For that, you either need to use a file recovery software or take periodic backups of your data using the built-in Windows Backup and Restore tool.

With Comodo Time Machine, you get both data recovery and system restore tools wrapped into one application. This free program lets you take snapshots of your PC, and then easily roll back the system to any of the previously created restore points.

There is a boot up console of the program, allowing you to perform the restoration during boot up. Normally you would need to recover your PC using a rescue disk, and then restore to an earlier configuration. Also you can schedule automatic snapshot creation, and even restore individual files and folders from a snapshot version.


Download Comodo Time Machine

Works with Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server.

If you have a computer with dual boot for Windows and Linux, you cannot install Comodo Time Machine. During installation, it throws up an error saying “A Linux partition is detected. COMODO Time Machine can’t work with Linux partitions”.


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  1. Thank you. this fixed my problem at work! I can’t wait to browse more!