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Coralis is a three column WordPress theme with two Sidebars on the right side. This free theme is widget-ready and SEO optimized. Coralis has a refreshing look and feel reminding you of the beauty of the coral reefs under the sea. This light weight theme has been designed to accommodate 125×125 Adsense blocks in the left sidebar and a Wide Skyscraper Ad (160×600) in the right sidebar. The Favicon of this theme can be easily replaced with your own. (More details can be found in the README.txt file of the theme).

A RSS Feed icon is placed in the top right corner of the header.
Coralis V1.0_2
Everyone is free to download and use Coralis. Please leave the author credit’s to for all the hard work we have put forth in making this theme for you.

Coralis V1.0 Click on image to enlarge

Live Demo of Coralis

Version: 1.03 

Tags: blue, white, three-columns, widget-ready, fixed-width

Version History

V1.03 [03 Nov 2009]

  • Fixed image frame not appearing when center aligned problem.
  • Fixed post content wrapping beneath previous post’s image on the index pages when there is not enough text problem.
  • Other minor issues.

V1.02 [24 Sep 2009]

  • Fixed navigation and sidebar padding problem

V1.01 [16 Sep 2009]

  • First release of Coralis

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7 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for this great theme sir

  2. seo consultant says:

    Great theme, I have installed it and it looks great, thank you.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Hi I am trying to use your wordpress templates and I just can’t make them to disappear the home page,, I am trying to use a static page as the home page but even if i do that it shows me another home that doesn’t display anything.

    Can you help me?



  4. Jim says:

    On the corlis theme I can’t get the footer box to center the page it’s to the right.

  5. escort says:

    thanks personel

  6. Joseph Bettencourt says:

    Is there a way I can download version 1.02? The newest one has all sorts of problems.

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