How To Disable Media Scanner And Speedup Boot Time In Android

Remember the “Media Scanner” that runs in the status bar after startup of your android device? Till it completes the scanning process, the device freezes and can’t be operated. Very frustrating isn’t it? Depending upon the size of the media content, Media Scanner may take lot of time to complete it’s action.


Thankfully, there is a way to disable Media Scanner to save precious booting time of your android phone. A free app called “Rescan Media Root” can disable it in a single-click. Note that your android device need to be rooted for using this app. If you haven’t done it yet, go ahead and get your device rooted. You can use z4root app for rooting your device. It is compatible with many popular android devices. You also can search for rooting guides in our site.

So once your device is rooted, follow these simple steps to disable Media Scanner.


1. Put your android phone into USB Debugging Mode. You can do it by going to “Applications”—> “Settings” –> “Applications” –> “Development” –> check the box “USB debugging”.


2. Search for “Rescan Media Root” in Android Market and choose the one with developer tag as Aditya Talpade. Or simply scan the below QR Code using scanner and directly go to download page of the app. Download the app and install it.


3. After completing installation, launch the app. The app needs Superuser rights. When asked, tap yes.

4. Click “Disable Media Scanner” button.


That’s it! Next time you reboot your android device, the startup time will be much faster because of no Media scanning process.


Note that your phone should be always in USB Debugging mode for the app to function. This is a hassle for those who switch between USB debugging mode and normal modes. We expect developer could come with a better version next time. When you disable Media Scanner, the files in Gallery, media files etc will not be shown. It will display “No items” when you open Gallery. In such scenario, you need to launch “Rescan Media Root” app and tap “Re-Enable Media Scanner” button for showing pictures and media files. It functions as on-demand media scanning.

Tip: You may further speedup your android device by disabling unwanted apps that autoruns while startup.

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