How To Disable Threaded SMS In Android

Many of our readers are asking us for a way to turn off threaded SMS in the Android Phones. It may sound strange why would some one like the much-needed feature to be disabled. There are different kinds of people with different tastes, some prefer SMS display in primitive way, with the messages sorted according to the time of arrival rather than grouping them together.

So, is it possible to disable threaded messages? Unfortunately, no. There is no way one can do that in stock ROM. The only alternative to this situation is to get a SMS app for your android phone that come with non-threaded SMS option. So our hunt for the free app began and we give you the best one for your job.

“SMS Composer” is a free android app that lets you view all the SMS in traditional way, sorted by date and time of arrival. The interface is clean and simple. The “Messages” section includes traditional way of seeing SMS like Inbox and Sent Items. “Undelivered” section is added that comes handy to resend messages.

unthreaded_sms_android_1 unthreaded_sms_android_2

As you see in the images above, the SMS in Inbox is unthreaded and sorted by the date and time of arrival. Other features include built-in Templates, Contacts, Compose and option to turn display new SMS notifications on main screen.

unthreaded_sms_android_3 unthreaded_sms_android_4

“SMS Composer” can be downloaded from Android Market. Alternatively, scan the QR Code given below to head to download page directly on your phone.


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    ThankX guys..
    I was searching for this type of software since a long time..Finally i got it…..