How To Disable Or Turn Off Windows Firewall In Windows 7

Windows Firewall in Windows 7 is an advanced program, part of the new security features of Windows 7. It lets you set multiple access firewall policies, inbound and outbound rules for each program, and monitoring of network connections and events. The program has evolved over the years, being a very basic inbound-only firewall in Windows XP, and a later better version in Vista with added outbound filtering support.

Why Disable Windows Firewall

When you install a third party firewall such as Comodo, it usually disables Windows Firewall. In case Windows Firewall is  not deactivated automatically, it’s better to turn it off yourself manually. Otherwise there may be some compatibility problems or conflicts with 2 firewalls running simultaneously on your PC.

1. Go to Control Panel –> System and Security. Click on Windows Firewall.


2. In the left panel, click on ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’ link.


3. In the next screen, you can choose to turn off Windows Firewall for both your private (Home or work) networks as well as public networks.

4. Click ‘OK’ to save your changes.


We strongly recommend you to have a firewall always running on your PC, so that your Computer is not vulnerable to attacks from malicious programs or hackers. Here is a list of best free firewall software for Windows.

Disable or Turn Off Windows Defender

For the same compatibility reasons, you may want to turn off Windows Defender if you have other anti spyware or antivirus programs on your PC. Here is how to disable Windows Defender in Windows 7.

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  1. Alvin B. says:

    Microsoft changed the settings AGAIN. Now the advanced page ONLY shows the option to use recommended settings, not the options in your screenshot.