Disk Cleanup In Windows 8 Gets Major Improvement And New Features

Till date, most of us use third-party cleanup tools for removing unwanted stuff or temporary files from the Windows PC. Windows Built-in Disk Cleanup utility remained the same since ages in all versions of Windows OS without new features. It seems like Microsoft has taken a note of it and in process of developing a built-in enhanced Disk Cleanup tool for Windows 8.


Disk Cleanup utility in Windows 8 leaked pre-beta build looks impressive with great features and handy to use. Below screen-shot shows the breakup of the “User Content” into Large files, Video, Music, and Picture files with mention of size of it on hard disk. This comes in handy when you are digging hard into finding out which unwanted video is eating up your hard disk space.


Clicking on any of the item will take you to full list of files in that category, like the one shown below when clicked on “All Video files” category. The files are classified well and it becomes easy to find out the Huge video files that are eating up hard disk space.


“Remove temporary files” option gives the list of temporary files such as Download Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Offline Web Pages, Recycle Bin, Temporary files, and Thumbnail Cache. These options are same as that of Windows 7.


New Disk Cleanup in Windows 8 certainly is a good one. We think adding a Registry Cleaner will put an end to use of third-party trash cleaners.

So, is it the end of hundreds of third-party trash cleaners available for download in internet? What more features you want? Let us know in comments below. Stay tuned to us for more updates on Windows 8. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to our RSS Feeds to stay updated.

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