Download Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Free

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is one of the several Office 2010 editions. This one, however, is not available for download separately. It normally is made available through OEMs and has basic versions of Microsoft Word and Excel programs.

Other editions of Microsoft Office 2010, including Home, Student, and Professional versions will cost you a lot. This one, however, is free of cost and ad-supported. It is basically a trimmed down version of Office 2010 and is suitable for those users who do some light word processing and spreadsheet work.

Unfortunately, Office Starter 2010 was never made available as a public download. Until now, the only way you could get Office Starter 2010 is by purchasing a system which has the software pre-installed on it by the manufacturer.

Luckily for us, a german blogger by the name Caschy has discovered he download links to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 and has revealed them on his blog. For some reason, Microsoft has put up the software on their servers and made it available for download, but never publicly acknowledged their existence.


You can install Microsoft Office Starter 2010 on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Windows XP and the upcoming Windows 8 are not supported.

Download Microsoft Office Starter 2010

You will not need any product key to install and use Office Starter 2010.

[Via ghacks]

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