Dual Boot Windows Phone 7 And Android On Your HTC HD2

Few days ago, we have seen how Windows Phone 7 was installed in HTC HD2 and later activated Windows Live services in it. Now we see yet another major advancement for HD2. This one was obvious one. A developer has successfully dual booted HD2 with Windows Phone 7 and Android.


This is made possible by using NAND internal memory to install Windows Phone 7 and the external SD card for installing Android. Which means you need two SD cards for dual booting Windows Phone 7 and Android on your HD2. A internal SD Card usually the larger one, preferably of 16GB size and external SD card of 8GB will do the trick.

So if you are ready to go for it, head to XDA forum thread where the developer has given a comprehensive step-by-step guide on making a successful Windows Phone 7 and Android dual boot.

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