DVD Author Plus – Free DVD Burning Software with Video DVD Authoring, Data Backup, Burn/Make ISO Image

DVD Author Plus is a very versatile CD/DVD authoring freeware that can do a whole lot of things from creating and burning home made video DVDs, data CD/DVDs and ISO images to backing up DVDs to giving detailed information of discs and your CD/DVD drive.

There are many CD/DVD software, but each of them handles only one or two jobs. We have already covered a good list of some dedicated DVD/CD burning software, which can burn data or ISO images to CD/DVDs. And there are other programs such as the Windows DVD Maker, which lets you burn video files to DVD with menus and chapters.

DVD Author Plus, however, is your all in one tool that does many jobs. Here is a list of all its features.

Video DVD Authoring – It can burn your home-made videos to DVD. You can play these DVDs on any standard DVD player. Simply, drag and drop the video files on to the Storyboard, drag to rearrange them, and you are good to go.

DVD Author Plus lets you author DVDs in PAL (Europe) as well as NTSC(North American) formats. Both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios are supported.

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On the right side panel of the ‘DVD Video’ screen, you can select the disc title, and choose a video quality from one of the four options – High Quality, Good Quality, Standard Play, and Long Play. The available capacity of the disk is shown at the bottom of the screen and will be updated as you add or remove more videos to the Storyboard.

Burn Data to CD/DVDs – A simple drag and drop interface gives you a very fast and efficient way to burn all data, including files, documents, videos, music, etc., to a CD or DVD.

Selecting ‘Verify data after burning’ on the ‘Settings’ screen will verify the disc after burning is complete.


Copy/Erase Disc – With a few clicks you can copy an entire disc to another disc or erase a disc using either the quick mode (only table of contents will be erased) or complete mode.


Burn ISO image – Most CD/DVD burning software support burning of ISO images, and so does DVD Author Plus.

Create ISO image – You don’t need a separate program to make an ISO image from a CD/DVD disk.

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Disc and Drive Info – DVD Author Plus lets you view details of your CD/DVD drive or any disc inserted into it. You can view in detail, all the read and write capabilities of your drive and export the information to a text file.


DVD Author Plus is a very handy CD/DVD tool with an intuitive user interface that even beginners can understand and work through their way easily.

Download DVD Author Plus

(Works with Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP)

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