Editing in MS Word 2010 simplified with Navigation Pane

MS Word 2010 has a good number of new features, including the single click graphical enhancements to images, in-built screen capture tool and Paste Preview options. One of the newly added features is the Navigation Pane and advanced search included within this pane. You no longer have to scroll through paragraphs of text to copy and paste sections manually within a document.

The Navigation Pane gives an easy way to navigate through your document and a simple to use drag and drop functionality to move sections.

How to show the Navigation Pane in MS Word 2010

By default the navigation pane remains hidden in MS Word 2010. You can view this Pane by checking the Navigation Pane box on the View ribbon. (see below screenshot) The navigation pane consists of 3 tabs: a tab for browsing headings image , a  Page browsing tab image and a search box with some advanced options image .

word 2010 view navigation pane

How to quickly find your way through Word 2010 document using the Navigation Pane

word 2010 navigation paneFinding text and working with it becomes a pain as your document becomes lengthy. Word 2010 gives an easy way to jump to sections through the Headings tab image in the navigation pane, which displays a tree view of different sections of the document, based on the heading levels.

In the example document (screenshot below) there are two sections in the document each with 3 different heading levels: Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3, arranged in a hierarchical order. Add a title to your document and the navigation pane displays a topmost tab with an upward arrow.

Jumping to any of the sections is easy; just click on the heading in the navigation pane. Drag and drop any of the headings to move it to a different section and all it’s subheadings also get moved automatically.

Right clicking on any heading gives an array of options like adding a new heading before or after it, promoting or demoting the heading. If you promote a heading 2, it becomes heading 1 and it’s subheading heading 3 automatically becomes heading 2.

You can expand or collapse the navigation pane, choose as many heading levels as you want to display in the tree with “Show Heading Levels…” option and even select and print the selected heading and it’s content which includes all it’s subheadings.

word 2010 navigation pane right click options(1)

Search made simple in MS Word 2010

Searching through your document is simplified with some advanced options and an intuitive user interface in MS Word 2010. Enter text in the Search box and Word 2010 highlights all the findings in your document as you are typing it.

Searching for a  word highlights it through out the document and also displays snippets of text containing the word in the navigation pane making it easy to quickly jump to any of those sections. (see screenshot below). Select any word in the text and press the short cut CTRL + F to immediately highlight the word through out the document.

Word 2010 search

Click on the magnifying icon image or the drop down icon image gives an array of options to find text, graphics, tables and even comments by reviewer name.  Clicking on “Options…” opens the Search Options menu.

Word 2010 search context menu

The Options menu for search lets you set some highly useful and advanced search options like finding words that sound like your search term in English and Japanese, wildcard specification etc. Incremental find lets you find text as you are typing it.
Word 2010 search options menu
Word 2010 definitely makes life more easy with the new navigation pane and search feature.

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