How To Enable Bluetooth In NookColor

This one is a huge breakthrough for all NookColor users. Did you ever know that NookColor has Bluetooth chip in it deactivated at factory state? An android developer has successfully given life to the dead Bluetooth chip in NookColor. Now you can also enable Bluetooth in NookColor and start using bluetooth headsets and other compatible devices.


Enable Bluetooth In NookColor

Disclaimer: As usual, a word of caution when it comes to playing around in Android. Follow the below instructions at your own risk. We are not responsible if your device gets damaged. This process will also void warranty.

Here are the steps given by developer in the XDA thread. You need to have your NookColor rooted before proceeding with the instructions.

Add bluetooth capabilities (HCILL) in kernel
Toggle the WL12XX_RFKILL flag on in evt1a defconfig.
Take the bluetooth firmware (bts file) from gforge.ti ( wl1271 firmware) for froyo pandroid and put it into /system/lib/firmware, alias /lib/firmware to /system/lib/firmware (useful for command line).

boot the kernel and then
echo 0 >/sys/class/rfkill/rfkill0/state
echo 1 >/sys/class/rfkill/rfkill0/state

hciattach -s 115200/dev/ttyS1 texas
hcitool scan must show you your BT devices (if discoverable)

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