How To Enable Gmail Priority Inbox And Never Miss Important Emails

Gmail has now a new feature, Priority Inbox. Yes, you guessed it right, as the name suggests you can now have a separate inbox for all your important emails. The feature lets you first check your priority inbox before you start your work day, saving the rest of the emails for a later read. This way you don’t miss one of those highly important email, which may otherwise get lost in the midst of tons of spammy messages.


How To Enable And Show Priority Inbox

Go to Settings –> Priority Inbox tab in your Gmail account. You can find ‘Settings’ at the top right corner to the left of ‘Help’ and ‘Sign out’.

In Priority Inbox settings, select the radio button ‘Show Priority Inbox’ and save changes.


Gmail will then show some example emails, both important and not important ones based on some guess work. Click the + symbol to mark an email as important, or the – symbol to remove it’s priority. Click on ‘That looks good. Go to priority Inbox’.

Mark Emails As Important

You should now be able to see Priority Inbox above Inbox in the left pane, as well as some emails marked with the priority symbol (yellow) in your Inbox. From now on, you can prioritize your email conversations by selecting them and marking them using the the + symbol in the top menu. For removing their priority use the – symbol.


Always Show Priority Inbox Upon Login

Your priority inbox shows your most important emails at the top, followed by starred emails, followed by everything else. By default Gmail shows the last inbox you used when you login back. You can change this setting to make Gmail open either Priority Inbox or your normal Inbox from the ‘When Gmail opens, go to’ drop down box of Priority Inbox settings.


Change Priority Inbox Settings

You can also change the number of emails displayed in each of the Priority Inbox sections, hide a section when it is empty, and also remove a section by clicking on ‘Options’ drop down menu for that particular section.


Go ahead and try this new feature in Gmail. It will definitely help you prioritize your important, urgent tasks and meetings.

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