Eximius: Free 3-Column WordPress Theme from dkszone.net

Eximius is a three column WordPress theme with left and right Sidebars with theme options. This free theme is widget-ready and SEO optimized. With simple yet elegant looks, Eximius is a very lightweight theme and loads quite fast in any browser.

The two Sidebars can accommodate Wide Skyscraper Ads (160×600). Eximius has a textured navigation menu bar with integrated search box. A RSS Feed icon is placed in the top right corner of the header. The Favicon of this theme can be easily replaced with your own. (More details can be found in the README.txt file of the theme).

A wide range of theme options make it easy to customize the look and feel of the theme as per your liking. Theme options include custom header image, custom theme background color, hide or show the RSS icon and search box in the navigation bar, hide/show the blog title on header. Eximius supports threaded comments, and wp-pagenavi plugin.

Everyone is free to download and use Eximius. Please leave the author credits to dkszone.net for all the hard work we have put forth in making such free themes for you.

Eximius Full Screenshot

Live Demo of Eximius

Download Eximius

If you like this theme, support our work. We put in lot of efforts in making this free theme for you. Please donate.

Version: 2.2
Tags: blue, white, three column, theme options, widget ready, fixed width

Version History

v2.2 [28th Mar 2010]

  • New: Theme options to show/hide post date, author, categories, and tags in the post meta section.
  • New: Theme option for adding custom text or code in footer.
  • Fix: Link color of widget title invisible in left sidebar.
  • Fix: Other minor bugs and layout issues.

v2.1 [18th Mar 2010]

  • Added theme option for hiding blog title and slogan text on header image.
  • Fixed comments link on home page not leading to the Comments section on post page problem.
  • Fixed readme.txt link on ‘Eximius Settings’ (theme options page) giving 404 Not Found error.
  • Added support for Wp-PageNavi plugin.

v2.0.1 [22nd Jan 2010]

  • Added Theme Options for custom background color, show or hide search box, rss icon in header, and choose between Pages or Categories in Top Navigation.

2.0 [17th Nov 2009]

  • Added Theme Options for Custom Header Image.
  • Archives and Search now show content instead of excerpt.
  • Fixed Bullet formatting problem in Sidebars.

1.05 [3rd Nov 2009]

  • Fixed image frame not appearing when center aligned problem.
  • Fixed Post content wrapping beneath previous post’s image on the index pages when there is not enough text problem.
  • Other minor issues.

1.04 [14th Oct 2009]

  • Fixed search box padding problem in IE 7
  • Fixed layout issue which appears when “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” option is checked in Comment Settings, sidebar header background color.
  • Removed unwanted pipeline in browser title bar when blog name is not given.
  • Other minor issues.

1.03 [22nd Sept 2009]

  • Fixed trackbacks and pings not showing in the Comments section

1.02 [3rd Sept 2009]

  • Eximius is updated to 1.02 after fixing a major bug: Search results pages over lap the left side bar.
  • This version also includes a few other minor bug fixes.

1.0 [25th Aug 2009]

  • First release of Eximius

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171 Responses

  1. jasondailey says:




  2. artmunson says:

    Love the theme and have it up at musiclibraryreport.com. I'm trying to remove the date and time from the comments but I see the function comment_date is not in comments.php. I've managed to disable the_time for posts and page but can't seem to figure it out for the comments.

  3. artmunson says:

    Love the theme and have it up at musiclibraryreport.com. I've disabled date and time from posts and pages but can't find where to disable for comments. Can you please help?


  4. Christiane says:

    Hello webmaster of dksZone,

    A BIG THANK YOU for your template "Eximius" I love the clarity and readability that we found in your template models. I started to build a website with your model template Eximius "and I will be delighted to make known to as many people as possible.

    Here are my early website created with your template Eximius "


    NAMASTÉ to you 🙂

    French canadian
    Quebec CANADA

    Bonjour webmaster of dksZone,

    Un GROS MERCI pour votre template "Eximius" j'adore la clarté et la facilité de lecture que l'on retrouve dans vos modeles de template. J'ai commencé à construire un site web avec votre modèle de template "Eximius" et il me fera grand plaisir de le faire connaître à le plus grand nombre de gens possible.

    Voici mon début de site web réalisé avec votre template "Eximius":


    NAMASTÉ à vous 🙂

    french canadian
    Québec CANADA

  5. jane1234 says:

    Thank you for sharing this wordpress template. I really love this template and It will be used on my personal blog soon. Thank again!

  6. Shawn says:

    If I move the author credits, currently in the footer, to another section of the my site, say the "About Us" page, would that still be acceptable as for given credit for your work? I have no issue with credit where it's due, but I would like to put just our non-profit organization information in the footer. I didn't see anything in the GPL that I would be breaking, but it's your theme at the same time. Thanks!

  7. dks says:

    Thanks for stopping by our theme. Every designer likes to have credits for the hard work. Please retain the credit link anywhere on the home page. Blogroll, sidebar links etc is another choice for placing the credit.

  8. Polycarp says:

    Excellent theme, but what about threaded comments?

  9. dks says:

    Thanks for using our theme.
    Currently Eximius does not support threaded comments. We will include threaded comments in a future version for Eximius.
    For now, you can add a threaded comments plugin like WordPress Threaded Comment

  10. jasondailey says:

    I am having an issue getting the date to remove using other plugins such as the date exclusion seo plugin. I have had success with this plugin for other themes, however this theme, which is exellent by the way, is not responding so well.

    Any advice on how to remove the posting date and posting author from showing up on my home page? Thanks

  11. dks says:

    What is your Website URL?

  12. dks says:

    We are on the way to updating Eximius with admin options to easily show or hide all post meta data like date, author name etc. When this new version comes out, you will be able to choose all options from WordPress Dashboard. So hold on for some more days! 🙂

  13. dks says:

    We really appreciate your hearty compliments. Have a great day! bonne journée 🙂

  14. webmasteratfs says:

    Well, I guess others are adding their site, here is our use of your theme:


    We moved the credits to the contact page, with some additional words. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  15. artmunson says:

    Thanks so much!

    Really a great template. Nothing but rave reviews from the visitors to my site.


  16. jasondailey says:

    May I ask how to go about disabling date and time from posts and pages with the eximius template? I have tried a few different things without success

  17. dks says:

    For moving the header towards the top, you need to decrease margin-top in the following piece of code from style.css file.


  18. artmunson says:

    In IE7 or IE8 compatability mode the magnify glass image in the search box is justified left and is overlayed on top of the "search" text. In Firefox or IE8 the magnify glass image is justified right, which is what I think you meant. Is there a way to fix that?



  19. artmunson says:

    BTW, I just did the update to remove time and date from the comments section and it works great except the time and date still remains for the threaded replies to a comment. Sorry to bother you but I'd like to remove that time and date also.

    Also, I'd like to donate for the use of the theme and would like to know where to do that.

    Thanks again for a great theme!


  20. dks says:

    We have noticed it and will fix it in coming version.

  21. dks says:

    Eximius doesn't support Threaded comments. We believe you are using a plug-in for it. In that case, the date and time control exists in the plug-in code.
    Regarding donation, we appreciate your interest in supporting our work. Please use the PayPal donate button above in the post.

  22. artmunson says:

    Ok, thanks.

  23. muhd azamuddin asyraf says:

    helo, i is marketing student so i now doing assgiment. here i like to know about ISP did you u??Why?? also i need to know your page sizes in killobytes,secure server, java, javascript?? can u help me and answer the questions ASAP..thank you

  24. dks says:

    We received your donation. Thanks for the support. 🙂

  25. artmunson says:

    Happy to help!

  26. artmunson says:

    Yep, a little digging around in the plug in settings allowed me to remove the time and date. Thanks again!

  27. formateur says:

    Very nice theme. I had an issue with the closing div tag for the "content" div when users had to be logged in to comment – the formatting was messed up.
    To recreate go to discussion settings and check the "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" and then select any post. "Comment author must fill out name and e-mail" was also selected. I tried a reinstall of the original files and turning off widgets but this did not solve it.
    In the end I enabled user commenting and the formatting is fine. Thought you might want to know.

  28. dks says:

    Thanks for informing us. We will check it out.

  29. dks says:

    We fixed the problem you have mentioned in Version 2.1.4. Please download the latest version above.

  30. dks says:

    We have fixed this issue in Eximius Version 1.04. Please download the latest version above. Once again thanks for bringing it to our notice.
    Feedback from users like you helps in making our themes better. 🙂

  31. dks says:

    We have fixed this issue in Eximius Version 1.04. Please download the latest version above. Thanks for bringing it to our notice. 🙂

  32. artmunson says:

    Thanks for the update. Because I have modified my page, post, comments and function files is there an easy fix for me? Maybe a mod to the header file?

    Thanks for such great support!


  33. dks says:

    You are welcome. We understand your situation. You need a File Comparison software. We use Beyond Compare for it. If you can afford, go for it, else you can try a good free software ExamDiff. These software are very handy and easily shows up differences between files.
    ExamDiff Free Version

  34. formateur says:

    Least I can do considering all the effort that you put in to creating the theme! Thanks for the fix.

  35. dks says:

    Actually you can do more by donating! … 😉 jus kidding…. Have a nice day!

  36. artmunson says:


  37. Mark says:

    Hi.. I love your Eximius theme, and have chosen it for a small website I am setting up.

    However, I have found there is a problem with the formatting in IE for the right sidebar when adding another PAGE, in that the contect of the right sidebar starts part way down the page, lined up with the bottom of the content of the middle/main column. If it was a table I would be looking for a missing td or tr or end tag, but I don't know how this theme works.

    The main Home page formats fine for me.

    Are you able to offer any advice please?

    url is all-inclusiveholidays.org/late-all-inclusive-deals/

    Many thanks… Mark

  38. Michelle says:

    Hi, thanks for the great theme (without any nasty code), such a relief 🙂
    Happy to give you recognition (you deserve it). Can do a free ad if you are interested 🙂

  39. dks says:

    Thanks for your appreciation. By the way you didn't mention your website!

  40. Gav says:

    Love the theme. Used it for this website: harddriveclicking.net
    Thank you very much!

  41. Daniel says:

    Great theme thanks!
    Could you advise me what code and from where I need to delete, to delete the ‘Home’ tab as I’m using the front page with fixed text and posting to another page? So it’s not needed.
    Thanks a lot! Looking forward to the update!

  42. jason says:

    wish i could figure out how to make a “sub-menu” off a menu item in the nav bar. hrmm…

  43. leafsound says:

    yours is the best that I have seen. Its art part is so much. I hope you continue to get bug information for improving it. I will use it forever. If i get more money by my site ,i will contribute part for your hard work. Thanks for your beautiful and artfull theme.

  44. Jim says:

    Nice theme.

    How do you get rid of the word “edit” that appears on static pages?

    • dkszone says:

      The word ‘edit’ only appears when you are logged in. Normal visitors to your site will not be able to see this.
      This is a shortcut to edit the page.

  45. will1138 says:

    Great Theme! It’s really working well for my new film blog filmdogsonline.com. On several of my pages at the top it says “Post belonging to category article” i was wondering how to get rid of this. Here’s one of the pages i’m taking about filmdogsonline.com/category/article/ Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  46. Hi. I’ve just installed your theme for my mentioned blog site aanveracity.javeedaanver.com, i need to put up my custom header image but can’t find options to do the same.

    kindly give thesolution feedback for the same



  47. will1138 says:

    How do you rearrange the tabs in the top navigation bar?

  48. awaix says:

    feature request:

    you should have more theme modifications available in admin area.. like topbar color, sidebar colors and stuff..
    ive done a complete redo of the template on my site here:
    but it was really difficult and tool alot of time..
    as for font color.. you have used blue color but with different color gradient numbers. so we cant just replace the blue color with any color we want.
    like at one point u used #CCC for blue and at some point u used 00F and stuff.
    can we expect anything simple in next release?

    • dkszone says:


      We will implement new features in future releases. Unfortunately, we can’t do it in a single release due to time constraint. Though it’s free, our goal is to make Eximius better and better. Keep updating your theme when it’s available.

  49. Mike's Webs says:

    Hi there DKSZONE,

    I’ve used the Eximius template for my new site and made some ajustments in the layout. However I have one question. When one clicks on the comment link in the blog, you get directed to the post. But the browser stays at the top of the post, and doens’t automaticly go to the comments-erea as do other wp-themes. I’ve noticed more sites using Eximius have the same way of working, so it isn’t anything I’ve changed. Question is: what do I need to change to the script to let the comment link direct one to the comments at the bottom of the post?

    Hope you can shed some light on the matter. Like the theme very much though.

  50. mark says:


    I am having a problem with the blue margin on the left.
    I had to decrease the content section in order to fit videos but the blue margin vertical line did not move.
    I know Im doing something wrong…doh
    Great theme though.
    Thanks in advance.

    • dkszone says:

      Eximius has a background image for the wrapper, and hence the sidebar margins will remain the same. In case you want to make width changes, edit this wrapper image and move the margins to your liking.

  51. awaix says:

    with new wp 2.9.2 im having some problem.. when i install eximius on fresh install.. it starts showing blank space in posts.. and sometimes it even breaks the widget tables too.. can u please have a look and let us know what can cause something like that to happen?
    ive experianced in on 3 blogs with wp 2.9.2 and all had same issue
    and tried on 2 blogs with wp 2.8 and they all worked fine.

    • dkszone says:

      Eximius demo site is on WordPress 2.9.2, and we are not seeing any of the issues mentioned by you. Check if any plugins on your site are causing this problem.

  52. Wize Time says:

    how do I add drop down menus under pages in navigation bar? I sthere a plugin I can use or do you have another solution? Subpages are not appearing as subpages; links are not going to webpages but are taking people to raw post screen instead – why?

  53. Lizzie says:

    test comment….

  54. Katherine says:

    Where in the sheetstyle.css can I edit the background color? I’d like it to be black instead of grey.

    Help would be appreciated 🙂


    • dkszone says:

      You don’t need to edit the stylesheet to change the background color. You can pick a color from the color picker in admin options of Eximius.
      Go to ‘Eximius settings’, the link can be found in the left panel of WordPress admin.

  55. Katherine says:

    Thank you so much!

  56. Wize Time says:

    left this March 9th – can you please let me know what the solution is: Wize Time
    March 9, 2010 at 1:58 am how do I add drop down menus under pages in navigation bar? Is there a plugin I can use or do you have another solution?

    Subpages are not appearing as subpages; links are not going to webpages but are taking people to raw post screen instead – why?

    • dkszone says:

      Eximius does not support drop down menus. You may want to check the WordPress plugins directory for something suitable for your website.

      Regarding, the subpages, can you elaborate more on that problem?
      By default Eximius shows only the top level pages. If you want to change this behavior, you need to edit header.php and modify the depth attribute to your liking in the following piece of code

      For example, if you want to show children, use depth=2, for showing grandchildren of a page use depth=3, and so on.

      • Wize Time says:

        Thanks for the piece of code – I’ll give it a shot –

        Do you have any recommendation for drop down menu that will be work best with your Theme?

        Widgets – one of the widgets I’ve removed won’t disappear – can you give me any idea why that is? It’s a widet contraining reference links to sites such as Yahoo, Feedage, etc. All the other widgets work well but not this particular one –

        • Wize Time says:

          You wanted me to elaborate more on the problem re pages –

          I started a Parent Page called Services. Under Services I wanted 3 child pages which outlined the services I offered so that under Services people could look at each page and read the pages they wanted. Everywhere I’ve read that’s all I had to do – was to use Services as the Parent page instead of “Main”. But it doesn’t work that way. The 3 subpages I created don’t appear as web pages – when I click on the link in the Services area, I’m taken back to the admin screen where I created the pages instead of a web pages like Services appears. wizetime.com is the site – you can also see the problem with the widget not disappearing – anyhow – I hope the code you gave me will help with the page problem and I hope you can recommend a good plugin compatible with your theme for drop down menus – thanks.

  57. Amber says:

    I have been trying to create a page that doesn’t have the sidebars…..you mentioned that the background and sidebars are part of a wrapper – what file would I need to edit to remove that? Or do you have an easier solution to creating a page with no sidebars? I’m not great with code yet but I do know a little! Thanks so much!

  58. Katherine says:

    Hello! I have a customized headbanner but the problem is, the blog title interferes with it. I’d like to keep the blog title for SEO purposes, but also have it invisible so that it doesn’t interfere with my customized headbanner.

    Is there anything I can do to change that?

  59. Wize Time says:

    I put in the code you suggested though the code was not written in the same order as the original and now I get this message;

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home2/wizetime/public_html/wp-content/themes/eximius/header.php on line 42

    The code you had given me was: wp_list_pages(‘title_li=0&sort_column=menu_order&depth=1′); – I altered ‘ to 0&sort for li, and depth=2

    The problem has become worse now since a syntax error is now appearing. It now looks like this:

    <?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&depth=2&title_li=0&sort);

    What's the problem please?

    • dkszone says:


      First revert the header.php to the original one from Eximius theme.
      Then look for the following piece of code :


      Replace the above with


      DO NOT use < ?php> in front of the above code. This may have caused the syntax issue for you.

  60. Lizzie says:

    Hi I am having the same issue with the header..
    using the installation of ‘custom header button’ on the Wp dashboard eximus settings options,
    ( a really great option i might add)
    the eximius header shows thru.
    please don’t send me to utilizing my ftp files, as i will be lost
    thanks again for a clean template

  61. Lizzie says:

    one more thing.. if we can change the background color from the dark gray to what ever,
    what about being able to change the change the color of the background of the side bars..?
    ( not having to use any file updating ftp)
    , but in the wp style editor would be great

    also if you wanted to change the font size, where in the style sheet relates to the font size of the
    content ?

    • dkszone says:

      What is the “same issue with the header”? We cannot see this problem at our end.

      The background color of sidebars cannot be changed through options page or by editing the stylesheet.
      You need to edit the wrapper image ‘contentbackground.gif’ in Images folder.

      For changing the font size,

      look for this piece of code in stylesheet:

      body {

      font-size: 12px;
      color: #000;
      font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif;

  62. Lizzie says:

    the header thing is.. when you add your own custom header, from the setting button on the wp dashboard, the original header can still be seen underneath..

    a few comments above, you will see, Katherine has the ‘same issue with the header’.. if i understand her comment correctly
    thanks for you answers.. love the template 🙂

    • dkszone says:

      Cannot reproduce this problem at our end. Maybe more information such as what type of image you are using for custom header, it’s size, etc can help.

  63. Katherine says:

    My question is, is it possible to keep my blog title (for SEO purposes) but have the text of the blog title not show, like invisible? Because the text goes onto my custom header and it doesn’t look nice.

    • dkszone says:

      Yes, we have released an update to Eximius today with a new option to hide the blog title text on header.
      Update your theme to Eximius 2.1 (download link in the article above). This option only hides the text, so your blog title remains the sam.

  64. Jean-Luc says:


    I’ve got eximius 2.1.
    It is partially “translation ready”.
    I’ve done some modification to “gettextize” the missing strings and changed the domain from “default” to “eximius” (harmless). Then I’ve done a Freanch translation (not found it elsewhere).

    Are you interested by the modification (diff? whole package? other?) and the translation.

  65. Kelly says:

    I’ve just installed your theme on my new site and I can’t get the image to appear on the left or the name of the blog and the tag line to appear properly – what should I do to make things appear in the right places and the name to show – I’d like the image on the far right

  66. Sjur Reinsnos says:

    I love your eximius theme especially because of that left column, but when i change ads(add code)to the right widget, the theme basically breaks up and disintegrates, the whole page turns grey and the footer is displaced to the right, i have another theme up right now, but please could you check the code for your theme, there has to be something that causes this to happen. And i would really like to revert back to the eximius theme.


  67. Dave Howard says:

    Hello –

    Love the theme!
    A question though, and I think this is a theme question, but apologies if it’s a WP question.

    On my navigation bar I have a HOME button.
    This displays a page of my choice – in my case a page called WELCOME.

    I also get the WELCOME page in my navigation bar.
    This means that I get that page appearing twice.

    Is there a way of suppressing the page that I’ve chosen as my front page so it only appears in the navigation bar once?


    • dkszone says:

      What is the URL of your website?

    • Dave says:

      Hello –

      Love the theme!
      A question though, and I think this is a theme question, but apologies if it’s a WP question.

      On my navigation bar I have a HOME button.
      This displays a page of my choice – in my case a page called WELCOME.

      I also get the WELCOME page in my navigation bar.
      This means that I get that page appearing twice.

      Is there a way of suppressing the page that I’ve chosen as my front page so it only appears in the navigation bar once?


  68. Hanna says:

    Hi, I like the theme a lot. I changed the header to a custom header in the “Eximius Settings” and changed the header’s height to be 167 pixels but it stays at 100 pixels. How can I fix that?

    The link to my site is saintjosephclt.org/SJCLTBlog


  69. Hanna says:

    Same site as above comment — why does the custom header only show up on the home page? I would like it on all pages if possible. Can you help?



    • dkszone says:

      The header image URL is causing the issue for you. Your header image is located at saintjosephclt.org/SJCLTBlog/wp-content/uploads/header.gif for subpages, and for home page it is located at saintjosephclt.org/SJCLTBlog/wp-content/themes/eximius/images/header.gif.
      Check it out.

  70. Hanna says:

    Hi dkszone,

    First, I replaced the header.gif in the themes’ image folder but then I couldn’t find where to change the height of the header to 167 pixels in the code. So then I used the “Eximius Settings” page to select “custom header” and uploaded that way. And now I have no header on the home page for some reason…

    What do I need to do to change the header site-wide?

  71. BJ says:


    How do I change the footer info so it reads ‘Copyright 2010’ and not Copyright 2009? I’ve checked the php files in WordPress and can’t seem to figure out how to change this.


  72. Eliz says:

    Thanks for a fantastic and customizable template. I’m having a little trouble in IE. The right hand column does not display when going to the main domain name – bariatricvitamins4life.com and background covers whole page. Firefox has no problems at all. This just started recently. I see you have an update. Do you think I need to update? I didn’t want to lose all the customization I’ve done.

    Thanks again. Really great theme!

    • dkszone says:

      In which version of IE are you seeing the problem?
      For updating the theme without losing all your customization, make a text compare of each file in the theme and bring in the changes one at a time manually.

  73. Charles West says:

    I like this theme!

    I am having one problem. In 2 of my 3 websites, when NOT logged in, the footer is at the bottom of the right column. When logged in, it’s OK on all 3.

    massageassociatesknoxville.com OK
    massageworkstn.com @ right
    massagetn.com @ right

    Same problem in Firefox, IE, GChrome, Safari. Checked widgets – no effect. Different computer – same problem.

    Also, I would like to use BuddyPress on MassageTN.com, but Eximius doesn’t play well with it. Is that compatability even on your list?



    • dkszone says:

      In your second website (in the list above), the problem is occurring because a div element has not been closed.
      The element starts before the register and login in the right sidebar, but does not end properly.

  74. Charles West says:

    I don’t know php. and, since it’s not html, I don’t know how to fix it. Is there anyone who could fix it or tell me how, and how much would it cost?

  75. Janet says:

    I am looking for a slideshow or gallery widget for the front page only. Can you suggest one that works with this theme?

  76. Kat Hood says:

    Any suggestions on getting rid of the comment box on the post and the pages. As well I would like to remove the duplicate home page.

  77. David says:

    Hi,i want to delete this information from footer (Eximius Theme by dkszone.net),can you tell how to do that?

  78. Wize Time says:

    I have a problem with the pages – there is a box to check in order to exclude the page from the main navigation, yet it doesn’t work. The page shows up on the main navigation bar whether the box is checked or not – how can this be fixed?

    Some of other themes have types of pages in a drop down menu in order to select a type of page to be created – I don’t see that option with this theme – is it there somewhere that I’m simply not interpreting as containing the options?

  79. Wize Time says:

    how can I gest a “leave a Reply” just like this one on your site to appear in the Eximus theme? Right now, it’s just a plain comment box –

  80. Wize Time says:

    How can I put my contact page into the footer instead of having it on the main navigation at the top?

  81. Wize Time says:

    how can I gest a “leave a Reply” just like this one on your site to appear in the Eximus theme? Right now, it’s just a plain comment box –

    How can I put my contact page into the footer instead of having it on the main navigation at the top?

    I’d appreciate your help and also what is your recommendation for a plugin which is compatible with Exiimus which will allow me to have drop down menus from the navigation bar?


  82. sarah says:

    I love the theme, but have had the same as Sjur Reinsnos (above Mar 21). I created a page using the template, then deleted it as it didnt have the correct content. My template for the site then all went grey. I switched to a diff theme, removed the eximius file from host, reloaded it from scratch, yet it remains the same, lost the white and pale blue panels.

    Has happened on a couple sites but doesnt seem to want to correct this time.

    Please help!

  83. sarah says:


    Further to my post above, the problem blog seems to have an additional line somehow added when I look at the page source code, which I have pasted below, starts with (body {background:#636566…etc) .

    body { background:#636566 url(“http://b***********e.com/wp-content/themes/eximius/images/background.gif”) repeat-x; }

    #header { background: url(“http://b***********e.com/wp-content/themes/eximius/images/header.gif”) no-repeat ; }
    #header { height: 100px; }

    I’m not sure how to correct this?

  84. Wize Time says:

    I’ve started a new blog and used your theme again because, well, there wasn’t anything quite so ideal as this one (though I haven’t search for drop downs from the navigation so I don’t know if you have included them in this version).

    The improvements you’ve made are fantastic.

    On my older wordpress blog, can upgrade to this new version? If so, what do I need to do in order for me to retain some of the amendments I’ve made in the code such as Google, astore, meta tags, etc.? I’m not a programmer nor even close to a technie so would you please spell it out for me – thanks.

  85. Kat Hood says:

    HELP – What happened to our site. This just happened one day. We have upgraded the theme to see it is made a difference but nothing. What is it?

    • dkszone says:

      @Kat Hood
      One of the widgets in the right sidebar seems to be causing this problem. Try to remove one by one these widgets (especially the Yahoo webhosting script) and see if it brings back the theme to normal.

  86. Wize Time says:

    Hi – I’ve got a lot of questions above for which I have not received replies yet – I’d appreciate it if you would reply to those please.

    Also, I have a few more questions:

    – categories on old version of theme – the box in which the word Categories exists extends far beyond the frame of the page – how do I fix that?

    – how do I change the color of the text in my posts without having to do it manually every single time?

    – do you have a squeeze page option for your theme – how can add a squeeze page page if the “exclude from navigation” doesn’t work? I understand that private pages are not visible by anyone else except the administrator.

    – in my new blog on which I used the advance theme, many of the formatting options are missing on the post toolbar such as color of text, size of the text, etc – how can I adjust that to show all the other options?

    And . . . of course the questions I asked previously – thanks – much appreciated.

  87. Dhyn says:

    I’ve no code experience. I’ve tried your theme in localhost, and it’s very nice. Thanks for your hard working I like it so much. I want to put dropdown menu, so can you let me know how to do it?

    Thank you!

  88. Wize Time says:

    just wondering when you might have the time to answer my questions above – thanks

  89. Jaime says:

    I am using Eximius as the theme behind my site. You will see that I have done a fair amount of visual customization to it, but found it very versatile from the moment of installation.
    Thank you!
    In my business, I will be customizing existing themes and have listed your themes as ones I’m willing to work with. Thanks for all your hard work!

  90. ahmadlucky says:

    can i use this on wordpress 2.9,
    i have a problem that i can use only several themes,
    often when click at activate then themes not get activate but the whole page goes white???

  91. ajith says:

    Thanks for the theme.I am using this theme for my website

  92. aaron says:

    This is a great theme and I plan to use it for an upcoming website.
    My only issue is the on the navigation bar, there are two Home links side by side (because I’m using pages for the bar). It would be great to have an option to remove the Home link so only one shows up (a couple other themes I have tried have this option).
    Also, as I want this to look like a website – not a blog, I am trying to remove all traces of comments but at the bottom of every page it says ‘Comments are closed’ Would be great if I could remove that.
    Thanks for the great work

  93. Jeff says:

    If I want to create a page that does not have the sidebars, can I do that with your theme… if so, how?

    Your theme has the template option under “Page Attributes,” but only Default or Archive… some themes offer other templates… can I somehow integrate a template into that choice to create pages without sidebars?


  94. Wize Time says:

    I want to upgrade the theme on my site – but the warning indicates problems. What exactly will be lost in the upgrade? Google analytics code, AWeber opt-in, font changes – exactly what should I be saving from the code and putting back in when the theme has been updated – do you have a list? Please also see other questions above – thanks.

  95. capresso mt500 says:

    thanks for stopping by and sharing this excellent theme DKS.

  96. Jesper says:

    Im making a website in danish, with the pages in the navigationbar. Since im using names in danish, the “Home” tab i kind a misplaced. Is there a way i can remove it from the navigation bar?

  97. Brian says:

    Hi, I love the theme, but I am having a problem with a space showing up at the top. How do I get that removed?

    • dkszone says:


      A div tag ‘bannerdiv’ of 60px height is placed above the header, probably by a banner plugin into the theme.
      Deactivate any banner plugins and check.

  98. Brian says:

    I forgot to add my website….www.uksportsinfo.com

  99. Найти работу says:

    Давно пытаетесь Найти работу

  100. escort says:

    thanks personel

  101. Brent says:

    You’ve done a fantastic job with this theme! Truly professional! I am, however, having one problem. I’ve installed the “Now Reading” plugin, which creates a side-bar widget. Looks great. But when I click on a book or “view full library” link, all three columns become inter-tangled. I don’t know how much this pertains to the “Now Reading” plugin, or how much to the theme (I doubt either is to be blamed). But it would be great if there were an easy fix (the issue is seen at web link taken in this reply form).

    By the way, where is the proper place to ask questions or make suggestions for this theme?

  102. pete says:

    Is this theme supported in Safari? It seems to be having some diffuculties with the styles(background colors)

  103. Living with Balls says:

    Hey. Great theme. I’ve been using it for almost a year now. I’ve just been having one problem that I can’t seem to figure out. Whenever I create a new page, I get a 404 Error once the page is published. I have no problems with adding new posts but I can’t add a new page. Has anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts on how I might fix it?

    the site is livingwithballs.com

  104. raymond syms says:

    Good day. I use Eximius on one of the sites I maintain. It’s a new year so I want to change the footer to read 2011 and not 2010. In the wp admin area, in the footer.php, I am seeing Eximius_footertext.
    Where is that located?

    • Helenjoneszone33 says:

      its in the eximius editor itself. where you editited the header. left hand sidebar down the bottom, below settings,its the last bit in the editor


  105. Melissa says:

    I can’t figure out how to change the overall background to white. Help?

    • dkszone says:

      For changing the background color, you need to edit the image “contentbackground.gif” in the images folder.

  106. Barbara says:

    I’m working with this theme now and so far so good!

    One question: is it possible to have a page but NOT include it in the navigation bar? How would I do this?

  107. Barbara says:

    Ooops … never mind. I installed the plug in “exclude page” and was able to designate which pages to include in the menu. — Barbara

  108. Barbara says:

    Okay … one last questions. Is there anyway to change the “title” of the home page so, on the menu, it has a different name (ie., blog, or main, or whatever)? Is that a function of the template?


  109. Harold says:

    Is there a way to disable the ability to leave comments on posts?


    • Barbara says:

      When you’re editing your post, scroll down (in the full window, not the editing box) till you get to the section called “Discussion” There are checkboxes there for “Allow comments” and “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page”

      Uncheck them and you’ll block the ability to leave comments.

  110. Harold says:

    Is it possible to add a link to read previous blog entries at the bottom of the middle column?

  111. Cover Letter says:

    This theme looks Wonderful & Wobbly! serious eye candy to upload it soon to my site!

  112. Harv Lake says:

    Great theme. Is it possible to have multi-level navigation bar at the top?

  113. Jason Williams says:

    Is there a way to do a drop down menu with this theme easily? Thanks!

  114. Harv Lake says:

    Jason, I went with the Weaver theme. Similar, lots of options and drop down menus.

  115. Jeremy Wiggin says:

    I think this theme is great and I am looking forward to using it more. Can you please tell me how I change the colour of the title on each post? It is currently a darkish blue and I would like to be able to change this (eg. to black).

  116. Mellisa says:

    I am trying out the theme but the (drop-down submenu)child links do not appear (main top menu). I have worked with many wordpress themes but have not had this problem before.

  117. Hi,
    Is there any way to get this theme in ‘Right-to-Left’ configuration?

  118. Scott says:

    Seems like adding a ‘Category’ to the main menu is a built in feature of 3.2.1. I have a client that’s using this theme with version 3.0.4. If I simply upgrade WordPress will I be able to add a category to the main menu using the admin or does this theme limit that option?  Any suggestions. I don’t want to upgrade and still not be able to add a ‘Category’ link to the main menu.


  119. Allison Gangi1 says:

    Am I able to add new plugins?

  120. Euodiasuryani says:

    hi, i try to download this theme but it can’t work with the header image and colour.. it make me so dissappointed..sory 

  121. Lovelycat17 says:

    aftr downloading theme hw cn i apply this on my windoW

  122. jww says:

    I need help customizing this theme.  Who do I contact for support on this particular theme?  Willing to pay.

  123. John says:

    The Categories seem to be limited to 10, I’d like to use more than that,  but haven’t yet fathomed out how. Advice would be much appreciated

  124. Robert Moore says:

    I donated, now why can’t I download the theme

  125. Tim Hydes says:

    Why cant we download the theme? It seems there’s a problem with your download link.

  126. la says:

    why can’t I get rid of the “home” – in fact, I can’t find it in the Pages section and all it does is duplicate the content I have on the static page I want people to land on.  It’s nowhere to be found on the pages section and yet it appears in the menu on the site – 

  127. la says:

    why can’t I get rid of the “home” – in fact, I can’t find it in the Pages section and all it does is duplicate the content I have on the static page I want people to land on.  It’s nowhere to be found on the pages section and yet it appears in the menu on the site – 

  128. la says:

    why can’t I get rid of the “home” – in fact, I can’t find it in the Pages section and all it does is duplicate the content I have on the static page I want people to land on.  It’s nowhere to be found on the pages section and yet it appears in the menu on the site – 

  129. I used the Eximius theme on all 4 of my websites.  It’s great.

    When I closed comments on a page, I get the message “comments are closed”.

    Can you tell me how to remove it from the theme?


  130. I used the Eximius theme on all 4 of my websites.  It’s great.

    When I closed comments on a page, I get the message “comments are closed”.

    Can you tell me how to remove it from the theme?


  131. I used the Eximius theme on all 4 of my websites.  It’s great.

    When I closed comments on a page, I get the message “comments are closed”.

    Can you tell me how to remove it from the theme?


  132. I used the Eximius theme on all 4 of my websites.  It’s great.

    When I closed comments on a page, I get the message “comments are closed”.

    Can you tell me how to remove it from the theme?


  133. wayan says:

    I use this theme for my site. now I can not donate because my site is not getting the money. one day I would do it. thank you….

  134. manekinen says:

    Hey, i think i found a bug in version 2.2.

    WordPress was generating bad links to gravatar images and it was able to show only pictures of registered emails at gravatar. No images for unregistered emails – no Identicon, no Wavatar, no even a “default” image – just empty ugly frame in place when image should be.

    Link to gravatar images contained ?amp;d=%3Cpath_to_url%3E – which is definitely bugged.

    To solve this, go to themes/eximius/ open functions.php and search for
    <?php echo get_avatar($comment,$size='60',$default='’ ); ?>

    Replace it with

    Now links are generated correctly and all gravatars shows ok.

  135. Rich says:

    Is there anyway to have a sub navigation?

  136. pedro juan says:

    this template need update, good day

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