RecBoot – Put iPhone Into, Out Of Recovery Mode (iTunes Error 1015)

While downgrading your iPhone, you may come across an iTunes error 1015 saying that your device cannot be restored, showing you a ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen. Since iTunes does not let you come out of recovery mode, you need a tool such as RecBoot.

RecBoot, available for both Windows and Mac OSX lets you do only two things – enter and exit recovery mode on your iPhone.The Windows version requires .NET framework 4.0 to be installed on your PC. Also you may have to run the program in compatibility mode if you are using Windows 7 Or Vista. Windows XP users can run the program right away without any issues.


Using the tool is pretty simple. With your iDevice connected to your Computer, hit the Enter Recovery Mode or Exit Recovery Mode to kick your iPhone into or out of recovery with a single click.

Download RecBoot For Windows

Download RecBoot For Mac OSX

RecBoot for OS X does not support 10.4.x machines and  PowerPC machines.

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8 Responses

  1. Picsaca says:

    It’s always prompt “Error 3194” when trying to restore. Please give advice!

  2. Vanessa says:

    RecBoot Exit Only is THE S**T. SERIOSLY. I was stuck in recovery mode due to an error and RecBoot flipped that s**t like it’s hot and now I’m back on track.

  3. Xpdmk says:

    My iPhone 3gs comes back to recovery mode every time. It’s not starting normally.

  4. Ducvan24 says:

    hou can i download recboot   please  help me  thx

  5. Eu says:

    not working

  6. Jm5869 says:

    I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 that is in Recovery mode. I have not backed up my phone in a 3 months and have valuable material I am not looking to lose. I have have tried RecBoot Exit Only and still no luck. Any other options before I’m forced to restore it? Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee Help!

  7. Asrams says:

    ooh ooh!! THANX A LOT.. AFTER 7HRS AT LAST I’M BACK ON 4.3.5 FROM 5.0