Find images on Google, Bing, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa in one single search

Usually when we search for images on the web, we have to go to each of the sources one after the other until we find what we have been looking for. This is a very tiring task and many a times we wish we could do a single search and have all the information at one shot. Ginipic is a free desktop application which will let you search pictures from multiple sources on the web, including your own hard drive and network folders, all from a single easy to use interface.

This free image finding tool gives search results from deviantART, flickr, facebook, Picasa, Google, fotolia, Bing Search, photobucket, SmugMug, Yahoo, Dreamstime and stockxpert, all with a single click. Type the name of the image you are looking for, say in the search box. The Quick Access menu on the top right lets you choose one of these search engine/photo-sharing sites with a single click to get filtered search with duplicate images removed.


Finding images on your hard drive and extended drives is as easy as finding them on the web. Click on ‘Local Folders’ to search images on your PC. You can also choose ‘All Sources’ from this menu to get images from the web and your hard drive. Advanced search gives the option to customize your queries and get further filtered results. 

Ginipic has a preview feature wherein you can get a quick glance of all the information for the selected image like usage rights, size and dimensions, author of the image etc. The preview window gives one click access to thumbnail, small, medium and large formats for the image. It provides easy to use icons to save, email, share on social networks and tag the image as favorite.

You can also resize and stretch the picture to suit your needs before you embed it any other windows application like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc by simply dragging and dropping onto the application window. Ginipic works in Dock mode, so you can have your application window side by side with Ginipic to easily find and place the images.

Download GiniPic

    Works with Windows 7/Vista/XP

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