Fix CD/DVD Drive can’t Read or Write Media in Windows with Microsoft Fix it

Sometimes your Windows PC may fail to recognize the CD or DVD drive while reading or writing to the drive. You may find that media on the drive cannot be read or written to, or an error saying that the drive cannot be found or is not connected. 

Here is how you can fix this issue using Microsoft Fix it solution center.

1. Go to this page and click the ‘Run now’ button to download MicrosoftFixit.dvd.Run.exe tool.

2. Double click on the tool to run it.

3. Click on ‘Accept’ to proceed.

4. Let the download and installation complete. If Windows Online Troubleshooting Service is not enabled on your PC, then click on ‘Get latest troubleshooting packs’. This will install the Troubleshooter.


5. In the next step, select ‘Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply’.


6. Select the drive that you like to troubleshoot.


7. Now select the scenario (play/burn CD/DVD) in which the drive has been malfunctioning. In our case, we selected ‘Play a CD, DVD, or BD’.


8. Let the tool run the diagnosis and display the issues found. Now you can select the fixes to apply and proceed to the next step.


9. It may take a while to apply the selected fixes and verify them. Once the troubleshooting is done, you can view a report of the issues fixed.


Here is a complete list of all the issues related to CD or DVD drives that this tool fixes:

    • CD or DVD drive does not read or write and is shown as disabled
    • Media cannot be read from the drive
    • Media cannot be written to by the drive
    • You encounter one of the following errors:
      • A class specific or device specific driver is missing or corrupt
      • A CD or DVD drive cannot be found or is not connected
      • The CD or DVD drive is experiencing a problem that prevents it from working properly
      • The CD or DVD drive is not accessible via an assigned drive letter

Have you been able to fix your CD/DVD drive problems on your Windows 7 or Windows Vista PC using the above explained method? Let us know in the comments.

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