Fix For 3G Connectivity Issue On Nexus One

Are you stuck up with EDGE connectivity on your newly purchased Nexus One, even though your network supports 3G (T-Mobile or AT&T)? Kevin C.Tofel of jkontherun may have a solution for this 3G connectivity problem on Google’s Android mobile.

According to Kevin, tweaking with the phone’s network settings solved the problem and his phone could establish 3G connectivity. In order to fix the 3G issue, go to ‘Wireless and Networks’ in Settings, look for ‘Mobile Networks’ option that can be found at the bottom, and select it. In the next screen, tap on ‘Network Operators’ option and your device should start searching for compatible GSM networks in your area.

Once found, you will be presented with the choices. Tap ‘Select Automatically’ to let your phone connect and display the message ‘Registered on network’. Kevin’s phone now has 3G connectivity, even after reboots. What about yours? Have you been able to fix the problem with these steps? Let us know in the comments.

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2 Responses

  1. Trevor says:

    This works for at&t too?