How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 while Updating/Restoring to iOS 5

Have you encountered iTunes error 3194 is while updating or restoring your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to the latest firmware, iOS 5? Well, one reason this error occurs is that iTunes is unable to connect to Apple’s update server.


If you have previously jailbroken any iDevice, then your hosts file was definitely edited, even if it was not you who did it. Jailbreak tools such as TinyUmbrella also edit the hosts file by adding the following entry, that points to Cydia server.

This is done in case of downgrading an iOS firmware, an action which Apple does not otherwise allow. The hosts file entry is to trick iTunes into believing that it is talking to Apple’s servers, while in reality it is conversing with Cydia’s.

Coming back to the topic of this article, the same hosts file entry you have added while downgrading iOS firmware or while saving your device’s SHSH using TinyUmbrella, is responsible for the iTunes 3194 error.

How to fix iTunes Error 3194 while updating to iOS 5

Windows PC: Run Notepad as administrator (Windows 7/Vista) and open hosts file that can be found in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder.


On a Mac, the hosts file can be found in /etc/ folder. Open Finder and select ‘Go to Folder..’ from the Go menu. Type ‘/etc/’ and hit Enter. Right click on the hosts file and open it with TextEdit.


Find the following line in hosts file and add a ‘#’ in front of it. A ‘#’ is meant to comment out a line in the hosts file.

After editing, the above line should like the below one:


Now restart iTunes and try to update or restore your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, or iPod Touch 4G/3G to iOS 5. This time everything should work fine!

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3 Responses

  1. Alzyrtec says:

    dont work for me
    always error 3194.when try to downgrade from ios5 to 4.3.5

  2. SpaWNx_TypEz says:

    THis Isn’t Working..
    i have followed steps correctly but still not working

  3. Underground says:

    Wohoo worked for my upgrade. Hate this error so much!!!!!!