Permanently Delete Private And Sensitive Data With Freeraser

Do you know that when you ‘delete’ files, documents on your system, they are just hidden and not completely gone? Simply hitting the ‘delete’ or ‘Shift’ + delete on your PC does no more than removing the file from visibility. Windows just marks the space as writable. So till another data is over written on that sector, the data is still in your hard drive and can be recovered easily with any good data recovery tool in a matter of minutes. In order to erase data completely, i.e. delete it permanently, you will have to use a good Eraser Software.

A complete hard drive erase is very much necessary before you sell off your old laptop. Freeraser, as the name goes by, is a free tool which can wipe your hard disk of  all traces of unwanted data with the click of a button. It’s application window resembles Windows Recycle Bin. Simply drag and drop those secret files which you don’t want any one to find and Freeraser will take care of the rest!

Freeraser “shreds” all your unwanted private data by replacing the original content with highly random information, thus making it impossible any file recovery tools to dig it out. This free secure file deletion tool can perform different levels of data destruction with 1, 3 or 35 rounds of filling depending on your needs. You can choose to be warned each time you drop an item into Freeraser’s trash can, as once the data is erased, it can never be recovered.

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  1. slashgear says:

    This is a great piece of software.

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