GClient – Google+ Desktop Client for Windows

Google+, a social networking platform expected to take over Facebook, was launched by Google recently. It has very soon gained popularity and a huge following, thanks to its innovative services such as Hangouts, Circles, and Huddle.

Many Google services have their desktop counterparts, often developed and distributed freely by third party developers, such as Google Translation desktop client, Google Reader desktop client, Google Buzz desktop client, and so on. Now we have a free desktop application for Google+, called GClient.

GClient requires you to register with a valid email id and Name before you start using it. The unlock code is displayed immediately when you click the ‘Get free unlock code now>>’ button.

Google _desktop_client_registration

Simply click on ‘Unlock now>>’ to start the client, which then runs from the system tray.

Click on the tray icon to launch GClient. Enter your Gmail username and password to log into Google+.

Google _desktop_client_system_tray

Now you can start using GClient the same way you use your Google+ web application. Your latest activity is displayed in the form of a stream.


You can post messages and follow Google+ activity in your circles. GClient gives you the experience of an Instant Messenger, and you don’t have to keep your browser open all the while.

Download GClient

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