Gmail App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Available for Download

The official Gmail app from Google has returned to the App Store after a 2 week hiatus. It was originally released a couple of weeks back, them immediately pulled back citing unresolved bugs as the reason.

We really wonder how did they ever release the app to the App Store, when it was not even able to make past the error screen for any users. Was it Google’s lack of proper testing or App Store staff’s apparent negligence in screening? Well, at least Google had the guts to make an apology for the instant removal of the much awaited native app.


Anyways, now the app is back in the App Store and you can download it for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 4 or higher. Reportedly, all bugs, including the notification issue, have been fixed in this version.

Gmail app gives you notification badges for new messages in your Inbox, supports threaded conversations, labeling, starring, spam reporting, and most importantly, supports sending and receiving of attachments. We all know how the native Mail app on iOS devices not supporting attachments is a major drawback.

Gmail app for iPhone, iPad has a split screen design, making it easy to browse your folders. The app supports only one account, and hence does not entirely rule out competition from the native iOS Mail app, that supports multiple Email accounts.


The native Gmail app is definitely a must have app for all Gmail users.

Download Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [iTunes link]

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