Gmail will now show All Images in emails from Contacts

Whenever you receive emails with images that are external, Gmail would not display those images automatically. You had to click “Display images below” to view them or make Gmail remember to display all images for that contact by clicking “Always display images from”. This was a good feature considering that most of the time you get emails with external images from spammers or unwanted advertisers and newsletters.

However this is a bit of an inconvenien ce when you often receive Picasa or Flickr images from your friends and family members and cannot view them right away. Also many times we get invitations, greeting cards that are designed and hosted on a third party website, sent by our close contacts.

Gmail will now let you see all such images in emails received from people to whom you have replied at least twice. In case you don’t want Gmail to show images for any contact who is put under the allow images category by Gmail, then you will have to select “Don’t display from now on” under the “Show details” link of an email from that contact.

If you want to disable images from every email you get, then you will have to

1. Go to Settings –> “General” tab
2. Select the option “Ask before displaying external content” in the ‘External content’ section.
The minimum number of emails, which is 2 now, may be changed at a later time by Google after getting feedback from users. All images are displayed only after authentication (SPF or DKIM) and so it is possible that you may not be seeing some images from your friends and contacts.

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