How to use Google Music from Any Country (Outside USA)

Google Music, a music streaming service from Google, has come out of Beta. This cloud based service, however, is currently available only for US residents. Users from other countries will definitely feel betrayed for being left out. For all those who like to try out Google Music, here is a neat trick that will let you access the music management service from your country using Tor, the anonymity network.

Here is how you can trick Google Music to work in your country.

1. Download the latest version of Google Music APK file. Search and find it in Google. You might not find it in the Android market, because visibility of apps in the market is dependent on your location.

2. Download and install Tor browser. You can find the version for your OS here.

3. Launch Tor, and let it connect to the Tor network.


4. After you see the message “Connected to the Tor network” on the Vidalia Control Panel, click on ‘View the Network’ shortcut.

5. Select any US based node from the list of nodes in the Tor network map. Right click on the node, select ‘Copy –> Fingerprint’, and then paste the copied item to your Notepad.


Exit the Tor Network Map, and go back to Vidalia Control Panel.

6. Click on Settings, and then hit the ‘Advanced’ tab. Somewhere in the middle of this tab, you should find a button to edit the torrc file. Click it, and you will open the torrc file in a text editor.


7. Add the following lines, replacing XXX with the fingerprint you earlier u copied in Step 5 at the very top of the torrc file.

ExitNodes XXX
StrictExitNodes 1

Click OK.

8. Exit Tor and re-launch it. Let its integrated browser open up.

9. Login to in the Tor browser. You will be asked to agree to their terms of service. Click on ‘Agree’ to continue.

10. You can now exit the Tor browser, as well as Tor itself. Go to Google Music in your favorite browser, and you will be presented with the link to download the Google Music desktop client.

That’s it. Go ahead and upload all your music to Google Music using the upload client. Google Music allows you to upload up to 20,000 songs free of cost, and access the music from any of your devices.

Download Google Music for Android

[Via Engadget]

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