How To Add Search Internet Link In Windows 7 Start Menu

The start menu search box is very useful in launching programs quickly. The search is specific to data in your PC. It’s functionality can further be enhanced by adding Internet Search Shortcut. This is a new feature included in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Here is how you can enable the internet search link functionality in Windows 7. We will be making registry editing to enable it. This method applies to all editions of Windows 7 including Windows 7 Home Edition, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate editions.

1. Login as Administrator.

2. Click “Start” –> type “regedit.exe” in the start menu search box and hit enter.

3. Registry Editor will be launched. In the left pane of registry editor, navigate to:


4. Right-click on “Windows” and select “New”—>“Key” and name it as “Explorer”



5. Click Explorer, right-click “New’—> “DWORD (32-bit Value)” and name it as “AddSearchInternetLinkInStartMenu”.



6. Double-click on it and change the DWORD value from 0 to 1.


Finally, the new entry should look this the one shown below:


7. Close registry editor.

You are done. Log-off and login again to Windows for the changes to take effect.

Next time you search in start menu search box, you will see a new link “Search the Internet”. Clicking on it will open your default browser with search results from default search engine.

And if you are wondering how to change the default search engine, head to our posting on how to change default search engine in Internet Explorer and firefox browsers:

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