How To Adjust Hard Disk Space Reserved For System Restore In Windows 7

System Restore feature in Windows is a useful feature and most of us use it when something goes wrong in our PC. Using System Restore one can restore their PC to a earlier state when everything was working well. “System Restore” creates “Restore Points” depending on it’s configuration.

Adversely, this feature eats up your hard disk space and you may suddenly wonder one day where did all the hard disk space go? If you have a PC with limited hard disk space, you may want to decrease the space reserved for system restore. Accordingly, Windows will keep the latest restore points and delete the older ones as the reserved hard disk quota for system restore exceeds.

1. Click “Start”—> right-click on “Computer”.

adjust_hard_disk_space_system_restore (2)

2. In the left pane, click on “System Protection”.

adjust_hard_disk_space_system_restore (3)

3. By default settings, Windows uses C drive to store system restore files. It will also be the Windows installation partition. Select the C partition, and click “Configure” button. Refer screen-shot below.

Also note that by default settings, Windows will enable system restore only for Windows installed partition. You can enable this functionality for other partitions too. For that you need to click on the drive, click on “Configure” button and then choose “Restore system settings and previous version of files” option in the following dialog box.

adjust_hard_disk_space_system_restore (1)

4. Here you can adjust the slider and allocate disk space for system restore. For instance, we have set it to 4% of the partition size. If you want to clean-up all previous system restore points, click “Delete” button.

adjust_hard_disk_space_system_restore (4)

5. Click “OK”.

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