How To Change Default Program Of File Extension In Windows 7

Have you recently switched to Windows 7 from Windows XP? Then you must be wondering as to why the ‘File Types’ tab is missing from the ‘ Folder Options’ dialog (accessible from Windows Explorer Organize menu). Well, Windows 7 no longer has the ‘File Types‘ tab in Folder Options. File Types has now become Default Programs of Start Menu. 

Want to change the default program with which a file is opened upon double click? For this you need to set an association between the file extension and a program used to open it. Here is how you can do this in Windows 7:
1. Click on ‘Default Programs’ of Start Menu. This can be found in the right pane.

2. The Default Programs item of Control Panel opens up. Click on Associate a file type or protocol with a program.

4. In the next screen, you can view all file extensions and their file types. In order to change the default program for a file extension, chose the extension and click Change program… This will open the Open with dialog. (Alternatively the ‘Open with’ dialog can also be accessed on most files by right clicking the file and selecting ‘Open with’ –> ‘Choose default program’)

5. The current default program along with other recommended programs is displayed in the top section. Click on the chevron(down arrow) of Other Programs.

6. Choose one from the available list or click on Browse and select a program to make it the default program for that file extension.
From now on Windows will always open the newly selected program whenever you double click or click Open on files of that extension.

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