How To Change File Or Folder Permissions In Windows 7

In order to move or delete certain system protected files or folders you need to set the file permissions for that resource. This articles describes the steps to edit/manage the file permissions in Windows 7.

However in order to change file permissions, you either have to be the owner of that file/folder or have been granted permission to do so by the owner. So you may want to check out our article on how to change ownership of a file or folder in Windows 7 before managing it’s permissions.

How To Set, Grant or Change File/Folder Permissions in Windows 7?

1. Right click on the file or folder under consideration and choose Properties.

2. Go to the Security tab and click on Edit button. Note that you need to be logged in as an Administrator for the Edit button to work. (Or you could confirm your administrator credentials in the UAC dialog)

3. In the following Security Permissions window, you can view a list of all groups and users as well as their permissions.

In case you have not found the user name in the list, click Add to open the ‘Select Users or Groups’ dialog. Enter the user name in the text box and hit Check Names to retrieve all available users with that string. Select the desired one and click OK. This will add it to the above mentioned list of users.


4. Now select the user or group, for which you want to change file permissions, from the list.

5. In the Permissions section below, tick the check boxes under the Allow column for all the permission which you want to grant. Use the Deny column if you want to negate your selections.

By default most folders and files have the ‘Read & execute’, ‘Read’, ‘List folder contents’ checkboxes selected. If you want to let users move or delete the file, check the ‘Full control’ or ‘Modify’ permissions.


6. Click OK to save the changes. Exit the Folder Properties window.

7. Now you can access the file or folder with full control and move or delete it.

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2 Responses

  1. Sivaraj says:

    I had installed secure folder today and i protect my desktop and drive (C:) by using this software and default been set, but i can’t able to access these files, kindly guide me , what’s the procedure to be follow to view and unlock these files and drive. kindly advice me as soon as possible

  2. Hatami Kamran says:

    i have some files which are recovereed and when i want to open them i encounter the message you dont have permission and when i want to use your method again it says you dont havve permission what should i do?