How to Change Windows XP Login Screen

Using Windows XP from quite a long time? Then you must be bored of using it’s default login screen. How about changing the Windows XP Login Screen to Windows Vista or Windows 7 Style? There are plenty of free Windows XP Logon Screens available to download. But in order to apply a Logon Screen, you need to have a program installed.

LogonStudio is a good freeware to customize Windows XP Login screen. The software is simple to install and in a click it will change your Windows XP logon screen.

1. Download and install the latest version of LogonStudio.

2. Launch Logon Studio. You can see few default available themes. If the default themes do not impress, you may want to check 20 Fantastic Windows XP Login Screens.

Windows XP Logon Studio
3. Click “Load” button in the programs main window.  Browse through and select the downloaded logon screen. Preview section shows you the preview of the logon screen.

4. Click on “Apply” button for the new logon screen to take effect. Click OK.

You are done. You can check your new logon screen by logging off Windows.
At any time if you feel the need to have default Windows XP login screen back, just click “Restore default XP logon” button in LogonStudio Program.

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