Create Custom Boot Animation For Rooted Droid [How To]

So you have rooted your droid and are now looking for ways to enhance it according to your wishes? What about using a custom boot animation on your phone? A forum member (pastorhudson) of alldroid has figured out how to use a custom boot animation on a rooted droid phone.

In case you haven’t yet rooted your device, check out our article on how to How To Root Motorola Droid Phone With Android 2.0/2.0.1?

The boot animation is stored on your droid as a zip file in the folder /system/media. It consists of 2 folders part0 and part1 and a description text file (desc.txt). Both part0 and part1 folders contain animation frames as PNG files. part0 folder contains those frames which are animated only once, where as part1 folder contains the looped(repeated) frames. The desc.txt file contains the animation settings such as fps (number of frames per second), width, height, times to be played, pause time etc.

Here are the steps to create your own custom boot animation:

1. Create PNG images for your animation.

Tip: You can create GIF animations easily using a free online tool such as those featured in our article 6 Free and Best Online Tools to Create GIF Animation Images and then extract PNG images from the GIF animation.

2. Rename those PNG images starting with a 5 digit number for the first frame and ascending for each consecutive frame. The images in part1 folder should start where the last image in part0 folder has ended.

For example the original boot animation in your droid phone has images from 480_427_00000.PNG to 480_427_00075.PNG in part0 folder and 480_427_00076.PNG to 480_427_00091.PNG in part1 folder.

3. Create a custom desc.txt and add the following in it.

480 427 30p 1 0 part0p 0 10 part1

4. Place part0, part1 and desc.txt in a folder renamed as ‘bootanimation’. Zip the folder (using an archiving utility such as 7Zip). Set the ‘Compression level’ setting to ‘store’ (which means no compression), before you archive. Compression will make it unreadable for your Droid.

5. Copy file from your PC to your SDCard root.

6.  Mount file system read/write

mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

6. Make a backup of the original boot animation.

cd /system/media
mv bootanimation.bak

7. Now copy the file from your SDcard to your phone’s memory.

cat /sdcard/ >

In case you want to do this copy from adb shell you may want to check out How To Copy Data From Memory Card To Rooted Android Phone?

Enjoy your custom boot animation!

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