Change Windows XP Icons using IconTweaker [How To]

Bored of Windows XP default icons? Why not splash the icons with some colors and fun? You can replace all your Windows XP icons with beautiful Windows Vista icons or slick Windows 7 icons.

There are plenty of free, colorful and beautiful looking icons available for free which will spice up your Windows XP. However when it comes to applying the icon sets, there aren’t many freeware software.

One of the easier and safer ways for changing Windows XP icons is using free IconTweaker for applying the new Icon theme set. IconTweaker is a freeware application that allows you to customize all your Windows icons.

How to Install a Theme in IconTweaker?

1. Download Free IconTweaker and install it. Icon Tweaker has a few built-in themes which you can apply right away.

2.  Run IconTweaker and click on Themes in the left pane. There are 11 in-built themes like Black Shine, Blue Shine, Celestial II, Eclipse, Glassy Icons etc.

IconTweaker Themes

3. Choose the desired Theme. Click the ‘Preview Theme…’ button to preview the icons in the theme.

4. Double click the Theme to see all the icons available in the Theme. You can also preview the Default Icon and the Icon that will be replaced after applying the theme.

IconTweaker Themes

5. Click Apply button. 6. It takes some time for applying the theme. You may have to restart Windows for all the icons to get installed on your system.

How to install Third party Icon Themes using IconTweaker?

If the built-in themes in IconTweaker didn’t impress, you can download free IconTweaker Themes (*.itt and *.ita) from internet. Since this software is not under further development, we could find only a few free icon themes. You can download some IconTweaker Themes at:

Windows Vista Icons Theme 

Ubuntu IconTweaker Icon Theme

Some more…

We have downloaded Windows Vista Icon Theme. Here are the steps to install it.

How to Change your Windows XP icons to Windows Vista icons?

1. Download the Windows Vista Icon Theme.

2. Extract the contents in the Zip file.

3. Launch IconTweaker.

4. Click ‘Install Theme…’ button.

IconTweaker Themes

5. Browse through the extracted Vista Icon Theme folder and select the file ‘Vista.ita’.(Vista_Icontweaker_theme_by_dobee—> Vistaicons—> Vista.)

6. Now you can see the Vista Icon Theme added in the Themes list as shown in the image below.


7. Double Click Vista icon and Click “Apply”. In a moment all your Windows XP icons will be changed to Windows Vista icons! Note that at any point of time you can safely revert all the icons to Windows XP by clicking “Restore all Icons” button in the top toolbar.

IconTweaker Themes

How to Customize/Create your own Icons for Windows XP?

Using IconTweaker, you can also create your own Icon Theme set and use it for Windows XP. IconTweaker has a built-in Theme Editor by which you can edit or create a new Icon Theme.

1. Launch IconTweaker.

2. Click on Theme Editor in the top Toolbar. This will take you to Theme Editor interface.

Theme Editor Icon Tweaker 3. Click on an item and click on Add button in the right pane.

4. Browse through and select the desired icon file on your PC and click OK.

5. Repeat Step 4 to set icons for all items in the list.

IconTweaker Theme Editor

6. After customizing all the icons save the icon theme from File —> Save. It will be saved as Icon Tweaker Themes (*.itt) file.

7. You can now set t
he saved theme by clicking “Install Theme..” button in the program’s main window. Enjoy spicing up your Windows XP!

 Download Windows 7 icons for Windows XP.

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