Disable Thumbs.db File Creation in Windows XP [How To]

Every time you browse a Windows folder with images, you might have found a file called thumbs.db. This is a Windows created file for showing a thumbnails view of images in the folder.  

Thumbs.db is generally a hidden file, if you have chosen not to display hidden files in your Windows Folder Options. It is completely safe to delete the thumbs.db files.

Thumbs.db database file
If you want to get rid of automatic creation of these files, then follow these steps:

1. Open ‘Folder Options’ from Control Panel. Or you could open this window from Windows Explorer by going to Tools –> Folder Options.
2. In the ‘Folder Options’ window, go to the ‘View’ tab.
3. Check ‘Do not cache thumbnails’ option.
 Windows Folder Options
4. Click ‘OK’.
Windows will from now on not store the thumbs.db database files.

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