How to get thumbnail view of open web pages in Internet Explorer 8?

Internet Explorer 8 has a feature called Quick Tabs which lets you see thumbnails of all opened web sites. The Quick Tabs button provides a miniature visual view of all your open tabs thus making it easier to find the webpage that you want to view.This button is only displayed when you have more than one webpage open.

How to get thumbnail view of opened web pages?

Click the Quick Tabs button to the left of the row of tabs. (see the screen shot below). Click the thumbnail that you want to open.

How to see a list of all opened tabs in Internet Explorer 8?

When you click the arrow next to the Quick Tabs button , a list of all the web pages that you have open is displayed in a drop down list (below image). To switch to a different website, click the site name. When you have multiple webpages open at once, each one is displayed on a separate tab. This list make it easy for you to switch between open websites.

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