How To Set Master Password in Firefox

Why is there a need for Master Password?

Every time you browse a web site which requires authentication, Firefox like most browsers gives you a choice of storing the login id along with the password. All these stored passwords are then accessible to anyone who can login into your PC. In order to avoid any accidental usage of these stored passwords by anyone else, you can set a Master Password in Firefox.

How does Master Password work?

A Master Password is valid for a single Firefox Session. This means that when you start Firefox, you are asked to give this password first and only then Firefox would automatically fill in your username and password information in all the websites that it stored for.

How to set the Master Password?

  • Go to Tools –> Options
  • Click on the ‘Security’ tab
  • Tick the ‘Use a Master Password’ option

You are then required to set this password and click ‘OK’.

The next time you start Firefox, you are required to give this Master Password.

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