How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S Firmware From Android 2.1 To 2.2 Froyo Using Kies

Android 2.2 Froyo is the current stable build available in android mobile OS. Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) earlier launched with Android 2.1 Eclair can now be updated to Android 2.2 Froyo. We will be using Samsung Kies to update phone firmware. If you are a novice user for android wondering what is Kies, head to our article on What is Kies and where to download it.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S firmware from Android 2.1 Eclair to Android 2.2 Froyo.

1. Make sure your PC is connected to internet.

2. Launch Kies and update it’s software by clicking on drop-down arrow –> Update. Restart PC if needed.


3. Now connect your Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) device to PC via USB.

4. You should now see a message “<GT-I9000>’s firmware can be upgraded. Please click here to upgrade firmware”. Click on the message.


5. Kies will now ask you whether to backup contacts on to your PC to avoid data loss if disaster strikes your android device during firmware update. If you choose to backup, go ahead and click “Upgrade” button with “Back up contacts before upgrading firmware” checked.


6. Save the contacts backup. Click “OK”.


7. Now Kies will list down your current device firmware version and the latest version. The latest version for Android 2.2 Froyo displayed by this model is PDA:JP6 / PHONE:JP2 / CSC:JP5. Click “Upgrade”.


8. Check the box “All information has been verified” and then click “Next”.


9. Kies gives you an option to backup your contacts onto their servers for 2 years. This is optional step and may be skipped by checking option “Proceed without saving”. Click “Next”.


10. Now Kies will download update software for it’s server. Don’t do anything will downloading is progressing. Disconnecting your android device during this process can be damage the device or brick the phone.


11. After downloading is complete, firmware upgrading on your device will take place. You will see “Do not turn off Targert!!!!!” message on your Samsung device.



12. Finally you will get message “GT-I9000 Upgrade completed”.


13. Samsung Galaxy S will now reboot. After reboot is complete, you can go ahead and disconnect USB.

To confirm upgrade, head to Application—> Settings—> About Phone

If everything went well, you will see Firmware version as 2.2 and Build number as FROYO.DDJP6.


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30 Responses

  1. miz says:

    I have galaxy s 2.1 update1,,,,,,,,,,its not working in this,,,,,,,,,,,,any idea,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Rayza says:

      I got the same probably and no ones helping me out and I have no idea
      what to do to get it fixed! Someone help me I need Skype !!!!!!

  2. Nitin says:


    I am facing the same problem. I too have andriod 2.1 update 1 on Samsung Galaxy S.

    Let me know if you get a way forward.


  3. Nitin says:

    Installed Kies software that came in the phone box.
    Plugged the phone to Laptop using the data cable.
    Started Kies and navigated to the upgrade firmware option.
    On Firmware Upgrade screen (step 7 of this tutorial) the message on screens says No Upgrade available.

    I did some more googling and realized that, I need to upgrade the Kies software first and then it will be able to get the latest Andriod (step 2 of your tutorial). Since I purchased the phone yesterday, I was assuming that I have got the latest ‘Kies’.

  4. Nitin says:

    Managed to upgrade the firmware on my Samsung Galaxy S.

    Here is how.

    1) Uninstall the existing Kies. Don’t do it from All Programs>Samsung>Kies>Uninstall. This installer is buggy and fails to launch.
    Go to “” and and download the file ‘Uninstall program’ listed first in the table.

    2)Unzip it and run it. It is pretty neat and uninstalls in a few seconds.

    3) Download the latest Kies from the same URL (File name ‘SAMSUNG Kies,PC Sync’) Its 135 MB, based on your internet speed it may take time to download it.

    4) Install the Kies (its 1.5.3.xx version at present). You need not to update this Kies since it is already latest.
    During Kies installation
    I selected the country ‘India’ since I am in India, and language as English (US).
    I accepted to install all the options (there were 3, mobile , Some MP3 or DVD player and one more) so that there is minimum interference in the installer from my side.

    5) Connect your phone to your computer and it will now recongnize (give it 20-30 seconds for that) that firmware on your mobile can be updated (It shown a message on lower right side of Kies window). Its the step 4 of this tutorial.

    From here on follow the tutorial.

    Hope it helps. (Worked for me)

  5. rohit says:

    hey i hv upgraded ma samsung galaxy s to android 2.2 nd its great …..but i hv plugged ma fone befre d downloaded complete stil 2.2 version was instld in ma fone …is dere ny harm 2 ma fone ???

  6. KJO says:

    I have upgraded my Galaxy S to Froyo but now the Messaging program won’t work. When I click the icon the blue “Messaging” title at the top of the screen disappears, the phone beeps once and the screen goes blank. About 30 seconds later the phone beeps again and I am back at the Home screen. If I connect the phone to Kies, there is nothing in Message Viewer. Anybody got any ideas?

  7. Carl says:

    Having the same problem as KJO

  8. KJO says:

    Hi Carl,

    I spoke to T-Mobile, who passed me on to Samsung Technical Support and I have had to do a Factory Reset – under “Settings”/”Privacy”(losing all data on the phone and quite a few settings e.g. music from my collection that I use for ringtones). Messaging is now working but I have this annoying T-Mobile home page that comes up when I switch on instead of the original “S” and the internet browser home page goes to T-Mobile first.

  9. kailas says:

    I am using samsung galaxy spic (GT-I5700) pls tell me about to my phone upgrade 2.2versio

  10. badkelly says:

    my computer keeps saying ‘please reconnect the device in samsung kies (pc studio) mode. the current connection mode is not supported by kies.

    how do i get around that?

  11. jaouad says:

    hoe moet ik dat int met mac os want ik heb geen windouws,graag hoor ik het zo snel

  12. jaouad says:

    ik wil my galxy updaten maar ik heb geen wind alleen mac os hoe?
    laat het weten a u b

  13. tsokoman says:

    im using my galaxy s 2.1 eclairJPJG8 version and i want it to upgrade to 2.2froyo but while upgrading notification say that my version is not upgradable. pls help me about this problem.

    • gazza1970 says:

      Using galaxy s. Tried to upgrade firmware to froyo. Was going well until the “downloading from the server…Do not dosconnect the device.” It runs for 5 to 10 mins then says the server has not responded. Please check your internet connection. On checking my internet connection there is nothing wrong with it. Ant suggestions on what the problem is?

  14. tsokoman says:

    I have galaxy s 2.1 update1,,,,,,,,,,its not working in this,,,,,,,,,,,,any idea,,,,,,,,,,,

  15. JeffreyL says:

    Composing this mcg as of Jan 3, 2010, 6:54am

    Dear Kiran & Divya,
    i’m currently upgrading my galaxy s right now.
    here;s what happened.

    4:45am: started the procedure 1-9
    4:50am: started process 10, downloading
    5:10am: started process 11, upgrading
    5:30am: about 95% completed.
    5:32am: no progress, the display of the mobile became full green.
    6:55am: 1hr and 45 mins since the start of process 11, still the same at 5:30am



  16. Jacob Matthan says:

    Do not attempt to upgrade your Galaxy S from 2.1 to 2.2 without having an expert sitting with you OR your doing it for you. You will surely end up with the Green Screen of Death. Only a true expert can recover from that situation and ensure your update is completed. Thank you SRK. I owe you!

  17. badkelly says:

    i thought they were supposed to come out with the automatic update to 2.2 around christmas so i waited. then i read during that time that it was a rumor. however, i kept reading that they did not release the automatic update because there are still bugs to be fixed for the galaxy platform… i’m not gonna push the issue with my phone. apparently i’m not missing that much, anyways.

    rayza: have you tried qik? it’s not a perfect picture, but it works….i think the initiator of the call has to push the ‘push to talk’ button like on a walkie-talkie, but works pretty well

  18. aqk says:


    I have Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 on Vodafone, UK

    PDA : I9000XXJM1
    PHONE : I9000XXJM1
    CSC : I9000XAJM1
    Firware Version : 2.1 update 1
    Kernel Version : 2.6.29 umts_scm@S1-BUILD5 #2

    As I wanted to run Skype on my phone, I had to update my phone to Froyo 2.2
    I downloaded latest Kies and usb drivers from and installed them on my PC.

    When I connected my phone to the usb, Kies informed me that there was an update available. I clicked on the update button. Kies downloaded the update files then went into the update mode and got stuck there.

    After this, I tried several times, I run Kies, Connect my phone to the usb, Kies recognises my GT-I9000, Kies shows that there is an update available, I click on the update button, Kies downloads files, sets my phone to the Download Mode and goes to updating, but a message pops up saying that the usb device is unknown….Kies does not recognises my GT-I9000, which it was recognising before going to the upgrade mode.
    My phone shows as unknown device in the system usb devices.

    Frustrated after many hours, I downloaded and installed Odin 1.3. When I run Odin 1.3 and connect my phone in the Download Mode as required, Odin does not show it in the COM: , I cannot update using Odin.

    However when I connect my phone in normal mode ( not in Download Mode), it shows in Odin and give message <>.

    I have wasted many nights trying to update my Galaxy S on my PC running Windows 7 and on my laptop running Windows XP, SP 3 ,but it still is not updated. Can anyone please help?

  19. Jeff says:

    When you use Odin 1.3, you must turn on your phone and put it in Debugging mode. Odin will then recognize it and will show that COM:

  20. aqk says:

    Thanks a lot Jeff.

    My phone is covered under warranty. I contacted Samsung, they asked me to bring my phone to their local service center. When I gave them my phone, they upgraded it to Froyo 2.2.1, free of charge, within a few hours.

  21. ztboss says:

    hello… I have a prob.. i lost my contacts after a restet (I though i hava backup). when i upgraded to android 2.2 i’ve saved my contacts on a server (the 9th step on upgrade). any idea how can i get contacts from that server?
    thanx a lot

  22. Jeremy says:

    aqk, settle ur problem? i met same problem, why the samsung company produced this worst phone… i cant update from 2.1 to 2.2
    after upgrade failed , cannot connect pc…anymore…

  23. alan says:

    this is why apple are much smarter; as soon as u connect ur iphone to itunes (provided it’s properly cracked or original from APPLE), it tells us whether or not you would like to update your firmware if it detects one and presto … no kies, no bulls**t (excuse my french), no ROM tweaks, no plug in now and plug out later …

    Apple are smarter however I still love my galaxy S for it’s LED resolution. And to be honest 2.1 works fine with me so … the hell with 2.2 (too many drunken nights wasted and frustrated; lol)

    take care guys,


  24. anchit says:

    hi ……..
    i am from india i have samsumg galaxy 5 (i5503).i want to know .. android 2.2 froyo update avaliable on kies for india????? … when i open kies and connect my phone and try to upgard my phone that time it’s show that your android cant upgrad… help me what the problem.