iClever ICH04 Magnet CaptureFit Universal Car Mount Review

iclever car mount all


This magnetic car mount is built strong and sturdy with high quality plastic body, a big gel based suction mount, and a powerful magnet so strong that you can confidently mount your phone, worry free. Along with the car mount, two iron plates are supplied, one with adhesive and other without adhesive, for magnetic holding purpose. The plate is very thin (0.1mm thick), measures 6.5cm x 4.5cm, and comes painted black. I will explain more about how to use these plates in performance part of the review. The magnetic end circular shape is 4.5cm in diameter, and the entire body is around 10cm in length.


iclever car mount plate

It is very easy to mount and pick up the phone after use. Just stick while in the car, and take off while leaving the car – it’s that easy. Since all the phones are made of plastic or aluminum, they are non-magnetic in nature. So you get iron plates which can be used in two different ways to mount your phone or tablet using this car mount:
Option 1: Use the non-adhesive metal plate if you already have a case cover for your phone. Put the metal plate in between your phone and its case cover, and then install the cover. If it’s not working for you because of the design nature of your phone’s cover, then you will have to go with Option 2. I have a Nexus 5 smartphone with a Spigen Case cover, and the plate fits inside perfectly. So, for me Option 1 is working. Most of the aftermarket covers have sufficient gap, enough to fit the plate easily.

Option 2: Use the adhesive metal plate and stick it to the rear of your phone or the case cover, which means you always have this plate visible using this method. This method is mostly for those who don’t have a phone cover or, for those who use phone cover that don’t even leave 0.1mm gap between the case and phone at rear.

The magnetic end that mounts the phone can be swiveled along all directions similar to the portable GPS units made by Garmin, Tom-Tom, etc..


iclever car mount phone in place

It is amazing to see how strong the phone gets mounted by the magnetic action. The manufacturer recommends that the weight of the phone along with case should not exceed 280g. The car mount can be mounted to the dashboard by the gel action on the suction cup, which is super strong. The arm length is almost same as the other portable GPS units in the market. It is important to note that NFC wireless charging will not work when you with this car mount, because of the metal plate that distorts the NFC signal. So if you are using a wireless charging, then none of the magnetic car mounts will work for you.


It is a high quality product, has good magnetic holding capability, is durable, and does what it says. For the price, it is a great buy. Wireless phone charging guys should stay from it.

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