Convert Images JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO using Moo0 ImageTypeConverter

When working with images, you may across different image formats such as JPEG , GIF, PNG, ICO, BMP, TIFF, etc. Each of these formats has it’s own pros and cons and is suitable for specific needs. For example PNG and JPG support transparency, GIF lets you make simple yet effective animations, ICO is used for folder/program icons as well as favicons for websites etc.

Say you want to create your own custom Windows XP icons from your JPEG images using a software like IconTweaker. First you need to convert your JPG images into Icons.For such kind of batch processing of images, it is highly desirable to have a small tool focused on the job rather than a generic image editor for ease of use as well as productivity.

Tools such as ToYcon let you quickly convert different image formats, albeit only into Icons, with a simple drag and drop. If you are looking for more conversion formats and options, Moo0 ImageTypeConverter can be used to convert between JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, and GIF image formats easily.

Image Conversion Freeware
Simply drag and drop files to be converted and choose the destination file format to convert a batch of images in a single click. Moo0 ImageTypeConverter lets you apply a background fill color to the converted images. Or you can choose to keep the transparency intact. The program gives advanced conversion options depending on the image format.

When converting to JPG or PNG format, you can choose the quality of the output images using an easy to use slider. For ICO conversion, Moo0 ImageTypeConverter lets you create icons of size varying between 16×16 to 96×96 with different color resolutions. You can choose to keep the aspect ratio of the converted icons.
Available in more than 10 languages, this free Image Converter tool is a handy utility when working with different image formats.

Download Moo0 ImageTypeConverter

Moo0 ImageTypeConverter works with Windows XP/Vista.

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