Install Android 2.2.1 Froyo On Motorola Milestone XT720

Motorola earlier announced that Motorola Milestone XT720 will not get the Android 2.2 Froyo update that originally shipped with Android 2.1 Eclair. The news upset many Milestone fans and android developers jumped in to come to rescue. Android 2.2 Froyo can now be installed on Motorola Milestone XT720!



Here is how you can install Android 2.2 Froyo on your Motorola Milestone XT720. There are couple of things that you need to take care of before proceeding with the flashing ROM instructions.


1. This method is only for those who are running stock Android 2.1 Eclair ROM on their Milestone XT720. If you have any other custom ROMs installed, you need to flash Android 2.1 stock ROM and then proceed with below instructions.

2. You need to have your Motorola Milestone XT720 rooted before attempting flashing ROM. If not, head over to our guide on how to root Motorola Milestone XT720 in One-Click.

3. Download Android 2.2.1 Froyo ROM for XT720 [Mirror] on to your computer and extract it’s contents.

4. Install “OpenRecovery” app that is included in the downloaded package. The app is in apk format. If you are not sure how to install the APK format app, follow our guide on how to install APK (Non-market) apps in Android. One more guide here.

Once you are done with the above requirements, proceed with the following instructions for flashing the custom built Android 2.2 Froyo ROM to your Motorola Milestone XT720.


1. Reboot your phone.

2. Connect your Milestone to computer using USB Cable.

3. Copy the folder “nandroid” in the downloaded content to root of the phone’s internal SD Card.

4. Make sure that SD Card is not connected to your PC using “mass storage share”.

5. On your phone, run “OpenRecovery app” and then tap “Install Recovery”.

6. Tap on “Boot recovery”.

7. Restore the backup “stock22xxxx”.

8. Then Wipe/Factory reset in Open Recovery.

9. Reboot your phone.

That’s it. You have successfully upgraded your Milestone XT720 with Android 2.2.1 Froyo. Enjoy!

Head over to developer’s thread to report bugs and join discussion.

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123 Responses

  1. Muhammad Imran Shahid says:

    After applying these instructions, my phone is booting again and again. Please help me to fix this as my phone is not in use after this patch.

  2. Jack Haller says:

    This worked great! Thanks for saving my XT720 from collecting dust on a shelf. And Motorola, BITE ME!

  3. Andrew Muise says:

    will this upgrade also work on the xt720… not the milestone?

  4. andrei says:

    Yes, its working on xt720,I`m using it for a few days, no problems,the only problem you have is missing a few steps of installs,if you dont know how,but if you know how to do it, its very good.its working. no problems so i`m happy. good luck

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks works great with no problem now i dont have to use my phone as a paper weight. Motorola can bite me to.

  6. Andrew Muise says:

    works like a charm… a lil hairy cuz ive never done nething like this before wan was a lil skeptical… but kudos… great job

  7. Shiva says:

    my phone is booting again and again kindly help me pls

  8. DCRabbit says:

    Okay.. how do I make sure my sd card isn’t connected using mass storage share? Just unplug the USB cable?

    • Jack Haller says:

      DC, just make sure you cannot save anything to the SD card from the PC. If the phone is connected as a USB drive then you not to turn that function off from your phone.

      If you’re not sure how then you may not want to do this until you learn more about your phone.

  9. alan says:

    why does my xt720 still run 2.1 after doing all this?

  10. juststalkn says:


    Thanks for the posting. I’ve done it with my xt720 and very happy about it.
    However, please let me know how do I use my picture as wall paper. The ‘set as wallpaper’ function is lost after the upgrading. I can’t use my picture as wall paper anymore. Pictures are only allowed to be set for contacts.

    Thank you!

  11. alexis says:

    it did not work for me it makes me a page shape with a “t ” and its load again and again help me pliz

  12. alan says:

    @ justtalkn:

    I just noticed the problem with setting pictures as wallpaper after you posted this. My guess is its something that will have to be patched. Dexter the developer may already have something for this issue.

    @ Alexis:

    I had the same issue with the “T” symbol. I thought for awhile my phone was bricked. I took out the battery for a few seconds, held down power + volume up + camera and the open recovery app opened. I did a restore all and then wiped the phone clean again and it fired back up with no problem. I had to take the battery out and try holding those buttons a couple times before it worked. I know its a scary situation.

    • Juststalkn says:


      Thanks! Appreciate that, and all the wonderful work done.
      Anyway, the keyboard sucks. Had to get one from the Market 😉

  13. someguy says:

    tried it and it worked as advertised. just follow the instructions closely.

  14. alan says:

    If you’ve browsed through the developer forums at all, look into the wantedrom. I replaced the nandroid file linked from this page with the wantedrom found here:

    You can set your gallery pictures to wallpaper and it changes the look and feel to that of the Droid. I like it so far.

  15. Nas says:


    It does not work on my phone. It’ll bring me to the bootloader.

  16. alexis says:

    @ alan

    So I remove the battery and put it back still pressing the power key and pressing “up” volume and a black screen appears with top mark


    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Transfer Mode:


    this so if someone could help me that would be really nice of him
    thank you in advance for the help you’ll give me.

    • Rob says:

      I’m having the same problem. I tried holding the Power+Vol Up+Camera buttons when the M appeared, nothing happened except it continued the loop. If I hold the buttons though a loop I get to the bootloader which is the same as yours except my version is 90.78. Any help would be appreciated.

  17. Louis says:

    Just flashed my Canadian XT720 from Videotron with 2.2.1 froyo, confirming it works fine!


  18. jabu says:

    hey guy
    i just found this “”
    darkfroyo for our xt.Awesome!!

    more detail here

  19. alan says:


    The bootloader opened the first two times. It seems like the recovery app opened by chance. Check out the xda forums. Someone there is bound to have some kind of solution. I’ve already changed the rom on my phone 3 times since I tried it here originally.

  20. Nas says:

    Thanks Alan.


    Try this, “”

  21. Narath says:

    My Camera is not working after upgraded.

  22. bojole says:

    please i need 2.2.1 froyo for my atx701

  23. MSP says:

    Just flashed Froyo on my XT720. Working great. Absolutely No Problem but except Wallpaper from the Gallery which could not be set. However succeeded doing it from the Moto Phone Portal.

  24. MSP says:

    Great Work Folks…Slap on the face of Moto. Was about to sell the phone off. You guys saved me from huge loss…..Thanks a lot.

  25. alexis says:

    I went on this site but the link to download the original version is no longer valid, so if you know or I just found the original version of the rom I want to know or get them thank you in advance

  26. Shafeeque says:

    Really great!!! i was frustrated remaining on Eclair in my Motorola Milestone XT720. I did it Froyo… really amazing… i feel i got my money back… thank for dkszone…

  27. MSP says:

    Succefully flashed Froyo on to my XT720. Had to Switch off my phone after couple of days. After I switched it on, I find that the battery life is draining very fast. Can anyone please let me know how to fix this problem. Plesae help.

  28. shrenn says:

    I cannot merge calls(3 way conferencing) after flshing. Can anyone help.

  29. Alan says:

    well, I got a little tired of flashing a new rom over and over again so I downloaded the original 2.1 and used RSDlite to resinstall back to factory. After trying whats been made available for the 2.2 roms, I really wasn’t sure if the benefits were really worth losing the functionality of some things.

    I will say with 2.2 some things like the response of the touch screen do seem much smoother, but other than that, I really don’t have need for what little extra space apps2sd free’d up. And even after going back to 2.1 my camera just isn’t as clear as it used to be.

    *WARNING* If you reflash back to 2.1, you may have to reenter the APN information. I have cincinnatti bell, and was able to find the information on their product support page. When I had reflashed back to 2.1, it deleted this information and I had no data connection. So no internet or mms.

  30. mirsad says:

    after all this… my phone is rebooting. What now???
    HELP pls

  31. Alan says:


    Take the battery out for a few seconds. Put it back in. Boot it back up. When the “M” pops up, hold down the power button + volume up + camera and open recovery should open up and you can restore all and wipe the data again. Problem should go away. I had his happen to me twice with two different rom upgrades. Should fix your problem.

  32. Vikrant says:

    Hi Kiran,

    Great Work, The search for useful information about Android upgrades ends here…:)
    If u remembered me, we last met @ Hinjewadi office..

    Recently I bought Motorola Defy…I liked it so well that I managed to go for Android 2.1. But I’ve been hearing about upgrade to Android 2.2. Does it make any difference to MOTO’s UI & support for latest application..? Is the warranty will void after upgrade..?
    Is it really necessary to Upgrade.. or just to brag about..that your device running the latest Android..:P
    If yes…please upload.. How to upgrade Froyo in Motorola DEFY..
    Looking forward for your support…


    • dkszone says:

      Thanks Vikrant. If I am right, I think Deepak introduced you and you work at Tech 6. Right?
      Regarding your Defy, Official Android 2.2 Froyo update is scheduled to hit your device in Q2 (for India), exact date is not yet disclosed by Motorola.
      Doing official update will bring in Motorola mask also. But if you flash custom ROM, you may lose the UI. Again it totally depends upon the ROM you choose.
      There are plenty of ROMs around for Defy. Stay tuned, will publish the best and stable custom ROM for Defy.

  33. Alan says:


    I posted yesterday in response to your issue but it still hasn’t showed up. Take the battery out for a few seconds. Put it back in and press the power on button. When you see the motorola “M” appear before it goes into the loop press and hold the Power button + volume up + the camera button. If done at the right time instead of taking you to the bootloader screen it should bring up the recovery tool and you can restore all and then wipe clean again. Problem should go away.

  34. Shrenn says:

    Just flashed My milestone xt720 but in my about phone option kernel version is still 2.6.29.omap1. It should be 2.6.32 right?

  35. omrinden says:

    Dear sir,
    i was upgrade my milestone XT720 to 2.2.1 froyo, it work very well,
    but after 3 week later it has a problem with rebooting system , it stuck can’t turn on my phone to home sreen ,wasn’t work . how can i solve this problem? pleas help, m looking forward anyone help.thanks

  36. David says:

    Works great I was about to overclock the phone and burn it up thanks

  37. dread says:


    so how do install darkfroyo ? anyone use it so far? any issues? Thanks

  38. Veryagung says:

    It works!! As long as you know the procedure, you won’t have any problems.
    Thank you. Great work.

  39. Monomial says:

    excuse me, I cant find the root directory for some reason, i used memory card access but when i click in I cudnt find root directory, am i missing something?

  40. Anirudh says:

    I completed up to flashing instructions. Copied “nandroid” in the downloaded content to root directory of the phone’s internal SD Card. then run “OpenRecovery app” and then tapped “Install Recovery” , a error is coming:
    Install Failure
    error running exec() commands…..
    Please help..

  41. MSP says:

    Could anyone confirm the Kernel Version after Froyo is flashed on Milestone XT720. The Kernel Version still states 2.6.29-OMAP1 after Flashing Froyo.

  42. alan says:

    @ monomial

    The root directory is simply the first window that opens when you double click on you USB drive on your computer. Same place all the other file folders are stored.

    @ anirudh

    Did you unzip the file before pulling nandroid onto your SD card? Are you sure the root process was successful? Are you downloading the froyo version from the link this page provided from Dexter or one of the later versions? Xavwanteds last Tom had some major issues.

  43. jaime says:

    Installed Froyo and now I cannot view my pictures. I followed each step by the letter. When I go to that it goes directly back to home page. Also, when I hold the phone to my face it disconnects when on a call but does fine when I am on my car bluetooth. Also, at random times the music player started, a different song each time after I stopped it. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I am very new at this, so any help is appreciated.


  44. alan says:


    Please get rid of the CAPTCHA code, its frustrating when I type what I want to say and then it deletes is when it says the code is wrong after I type it in..


    Instead of using the version linked from this page, go to the developers thread and download his latest version of Android 2.2 labeled something like 1.3. The version downloaded from this page I believe is still his 1.1 version and there are issues with it.

    If you can’t install his 1.3 version is fix the errors your getting, then download RSDLite and the stockrom 2.1 and reinstall back to factory. There are pretty good instructions on how to do this on the XDAforums and even some youtube videos. Its easier than the process of rooting and installing these custom roms.

    If you still want to update after bringing your phone back to stock, then try again if the bugs you are experiencing are fixed.

    Personally, I’ve uploaded 6 different version of custom 2.2 roms and I’ve gone back to stock 2.1. I’ve rooted my phone to continue using milestone overclock and some other apps that require root, like adfree which works great by the way at removing ads from games.

  45. Anirudh says:

    Answer to your questions are given.
    1. Did you unzip the file before pulling nandroid onto your SD card? Yes
    2. Are you sure the root process was successful? Yes
    3. Are you downloading the froyo version from the link this page provided from Dexter or one of the later versions? Yes downloaded from this page.

    A. Please clarify what is the meaning of reboot. Is it switch off the phone and start again or we should do it from System recovery.
    B. I tried once again today no change in the results. Please help.

  46. Alan says:


    A: reboot is the same as rebooting your pc. It should not make much of a difference if you reboot by manually pressing the power button or through system recovery.

    again, if you do not want to set your phone back to stock just yet, try this link to the developers thread and download his 1.3 version. Then just place the nandroid file onto your sd card as before and install using system recovery. Be sure to check restore all and clear the existing data.


    If this doesn’t work, then reflashing to stock 2.1 seems like the best solution, and from there you can try the process of upgrading to one of the custom 2.2 roms again.

    I still haven’t come across anyone on the threads with these kinds of issues, its possible something is wrong with your phone itself but lets hope not. Might be worth it to download and scan your phone with an antivirus if you haven’t already.

  47. ali says:

    hi guys
    could u plz teach me how to do it. from bigening to end. for milestone xt720 indian version. i m not much smarter using phones and computers.

  48. Redmond says:

    what to do to reflash back to stock 2.1 =[
    i cannot view my photo withn the camera =[

  49. Eric says:

    Funny, the picture in the article isn’t the Milestone XT720. Hah!

  50. mzrt7 says:

    Any ideas?
    I complete step 6 of the “Flashing Instructions”, i.e., 6. Tap on “Boot recovery”
    Then my Xt720 boots into the Open recovery 1.46 version with a menu with several items listed; none of which are found in step 7 which indicates to Restore the backup “stock22xxxx”.
    Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

  51. mzrt7 says:

    figured it out…..recopied nandroid folder to xt720…works perfect..:)

  52. autor24 says:

    Hi Guys! At this time for Milestone XT720 are much better Rom`s than this one. I think khalpowers v3 MIUI with camupdate is the finest. Absolutely no problems and stable on my Milestone XT720.

  53. Manuel says:

    It works for me 😀

  54. Vishal Jain says:

    Hi alan!
    I actually wen through the steps of installing 2.2.1 for xt720. But not much wen through my mind as the steps and words seemed technical.
    So is there any solution wherein i can get the direct link to download the software with ease in installing.
    And after reading few reviews above some ppl have stated their problem with camera, system, etc after installing 2.2.1. So is thr any solution for the same before i get into installing.

    • Alan says:


      I think what you want to do is visit the developer thread as highlighted in the instructions. You can download Dexter’s 3rd version of 2.2 which has fixed pretty much all problems. All you have to do is save the file contained in the nandroid file into the same nandroid file already on your SD card. Go into openrecovery as before and select the new file you inserted in the nandroid file.

      As mentioned before there r other developers out there like xavwanted and khalpowers. Just look them up on XDA FORUMS.

  55. asdfghj says:

    hey guys i need help. my phone reboots the always. what should i do. i ant do anything with my xt720.

  56. Alan says:

    After installing openrecovery and before copying the nandroid file containing the new rom onto your SD card you should back up the stock 2.1 version.

    create an empty nandroid file on your SD card. Go into openrecovery and choose nandroid, then backup, then check “system” and “boot” then choose backup selected. This will create a 2.1 stock rom file that you can use to revert back to instead of running through the process of using RSD lite

    • redmond says:


      i have already copy the 2.2rom onto the phone, so can i do what u said above that backing up the 2.1 stock rom???

      • Alan says:


        You will have to use RSD Lite to reset you phone back to stock 2.1 and then root and install open recovery again. Before installing the custom nandroid file, go into openrecovery and select backup and check system and boot.

  57. Alan says:

    Use these links to download RSD Lite and the appropriate .SBF file to set your XT720 back to stock 2.1




    Use these links to download the latest and greatest 2.2 roms from Dexter and XavWanted.



  58. Alan says:



  59. Alan says:

    If u r stuck in the boot loop you need to remove your battery. Wait a few seconds and reinsert. Press and hold the power +volume up+camera button. This should take you into the boot loader at first. Once in the boot loader screen you can do one of two things:

    Plug in with USB to your PC and connect with red lite and reload 2.1.


    Hold the power button and when the screen goes black again and begins to boot, press and hold the same buttons as before that opened the boot loader. It may take some time messing with holding the buttons but it will take you into open recovery where you can reinstall the rom and clear the data again.

    My phone has been stuck in boot loop several times and this has always worked.

    • roman says:

      May be you can help me
      When i trying to start bootloader , its wrote
      Bootloader 90.78
      Battery Low
      Cannt program

      As you understand i cannt load my milestine normaly, its stucked with FROYO DEKS’rs logo and rebooting itself.

      • Roman says:

        I flashed it again with original 2.1 ver.
        I also tried to install 2 different roms with 2.2 from those links mentioned in other posts but
        after flashing those my milestone stuked on startup with M.
        So I flashed it again with 2.1.
        My be someone knows how to solve it ?

      • help you says:

        in google type :  [REQ] original Roms for XT720     and click on first link 

    • milestoneXT720 says:

      THX man …THX

  60. dkszone says:

    Download link updated with a new version of ROM.

  61. vikash parakh says:

    hi, is there anybody from Mumbai (more precisely from Mumbai)in this forum.. i want to know if you have upgrade your Motorola XT 720 from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2.. I would need your help.

  62. YS says:

    Why I couldn’t open the ZIP file? It showed invalid archive?

  63. MSP says:

    I upgrade my XT720 with 2.2 ROM posted on your website during Feb’11. Is further updates to your 2.2 software?

  64. Alan says:


    I just tried opening open recovery from first booting the phone and it worked as I described before.

    If your phone has been rebooting over and over again then its possible the battery is drained. I would guess that the process of using bootloader with rsd lite uses too many resources to program and charge at the same time. Remove the battery to stop the constant reboot. Put it back in, plug into wall charger and give it some time to charge. I don’t know how the phone will respond to charging when the rom is stuck like this so please keep us updated.

    You should be able to start openrecovery and get ur self out of this mess. As soon as you press the power button and see the back light come on just as the motorola logo kicks in hold all three buttons. Because I have found a sure fire combination I switch between pressing and holding and letting go of the buttons. I’ve never heard of anyone still having the boot loop problem after restoring the rom and clearing the data a second time.

  65. Alan says:

    Thanks DKS for updating the link. Will make a world of difference.

  66. Alan says:


    Are you opening on your PC or phone. Looks like you may be the first person to download using the updated link. I’m trying to download the file myself. My connection is a little slow, so once finished I will see if I’m able to extract the files. If no I’ll keep you informed.

  67. Alan says:


    I successfully downloaded and extracted the file from the link. Hope you’ve figured it out.

  68. Alan says:

    For anyone who would like to return to the stock 2.1 rom as easily as possible, here is a link for you to download the backup I created using openrecovery. You can apply this exactly the same as you upgraded your phone with the custom 2.2 roms. Just insert the extracted folder into your nandroid file and restore it using open recovery. Saves the time of waiting on RSD Lite.



    For those of you that have had trouble with getting stuck in bootloop after upgrading, I would suggest doing a factory reset, then restoring nandroid 2.1. Doing another reset and then restoring 2.1 again. Maybe this will prevent you from getting stuck, just an idea since these roms seem to do this quite often, but the second time always fixes it.

  69. Travis says:

    just went through this with the newest froyo. it worked great, but now my sim card doesn’t seem to be recognized at all by my service provider. Any ideas on what to do? I’m in Korea. I assume that maybe I need to go into the shop now and have them re-connect it to the network. Should I first re-install the stock rom?


  70. alan says:


    If you have no network coverage at all then you may have to take it in. If its a matter of your APN information needing rekeyed, then you should be able to find the information necessary to save a new APN for data and mms from your carrier. My carrier has this information listed on their website on the product support pages. I would definitely try going back to stock first to see if this fixes the problem. If not, then at least when you have someone look at it, they wont try and blame it on you for messing with the stock operating software.

  71. MSP says:

    Thank you dks once again. Flashed 2.2 (V 1.3). Phone is working superbly. Thanks for fixing the Call Waiting Bug and restoring Media Gallery. Battery and Camera Perfomance is outstanding.

  72. Guillaume says:

    The 2.2 upgrade worked for me but I don’t have anymore network on my phone, from what everyone seems to be saying I need to reconfigure my APN, but none of the links seem to help to do so, I am using a canadian provider (videotron) and I need help connecting to the network again, calling works.

  73. Plinio Filho says:

    I have a XT 701, running 2.1 version, do you know if the update for XT720 can be installed on XT701 ?

  74. MSP says:

    Well…Well…2.3 Custom ROM have started surfacing for many Android Phones…How about XT720?

  75. Duythienht says:

    i’m the android beginner, I’m done your instruction and now my xt720 running froyo. Thanks a lot.

  76. Vivek says:

    Thanks a lot it worked for me just like that. Wonderful !!!!!! Now i am on Froyo with Motorola Xt720

  77. Victoria says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;-*
    I cant believe i was able to do this myself. Thanks again, Victoria- Cincinnati, OH.

  78. Nesh says:

    Guys, I’ve upgraded my Milestone XT720 from Eclair 2.1 to 2.2.1 using Dexter’s Rom. And I’ve even overclock my processor to 1000MHz. My toy is now running fast and very stable. If you guys wish to do the same, just reply and I will direct you to the website where I got all the info.


  79. Imran Saib says:

    Hi Nesh what is the website that will guide me to update my xt720 to froyo?

  80. Segun_bewaji says:

    Hi I did the upgrade and it seemed to work but its not booting, the phone gets to the Dexter’s XT720 Froyo loading please wait part of boot and is stuck there. But it is still not loading.

    is there a way to get back to the openrecover boot screen?

  81. Hammaad_95 says:

    I updated Ng motorola xt720 to 2.2 using this rom but now whenever I try to download any apps regardless of it being from the market or not it say my phone does not have enough space when I have 130mb. Help please

  82. Hammaad_95 says:

    *I updated my motorla xt720

  83. Taanibal says:

    como faz pra Restaurar o backup “stock22xxxx” ::
    alguem me ajuda plxx

  84. Pajka says:

    hi! I’ve git huge problem! after doing everything it won’t switch on! there’s just the screen with android and beneath that the text: Dexter’s xt720 froyo
    loading, please wait:( what shall i do?

  85. Ladyrazzor says:

    Hi Noobie here. Have done everything as listed but when i click on recovery boot nothing happens. Any ideas? 

  86. Ladyrazzor says:

    Hi Noobie here. Have done everything as listed but when i click on recovery boot nothing happens. Any ideas? 

  87. Max Boivin says:

    everything working fine but my 3g service isn’t available anymore

    • Guest says:

      I had a similar problem, I went to Wi-Fi and Networks, then Mobile networks and clicked Network operators, found my provider in the list and all services worked.  I’m not sure if this will work for you.

  88. Gordua says:

    Hi everyone, I ran the patch and it seemed to work, but how do I check if the changes took effect.  The firmware version on my phone still says 2.1-update1. 

  89. Jordrok says:

    JUst done it and it worked fine, thanks!

  90. Franciscafox says:

    yes i did it! thank you.

  91. Melrassi says:

    I can’t get to step 7. 
    It reboots after i click on “Recovery boot”

  92. Melrassi says:

    Any one experienced can help pls?
    I can’t get to step 7. It reboots after i click on “Recovery boot”

  93. Bairestom says:

    is this ROM official? please respond!!!!

  94. Bairestom says:

    i got a problem!!!!! 
    ive updated to 2.2.1 and when i downloading something, my xt720 reboots! plz help!

  95. Kyriespeller says:

    how come my Motorola cliq MB200 wont update to a 2.2.1 eclair  

  96. Kyriespeller says:

    how come my Motorola cliq MB200 wont update to a 2.2.1 eclair  

  97. Kyriespeller says:

    how come my Motorola cliq MB200 wont update to a 2.2.1 eclair  

  98. masilamani says:

    i am having Motorola XT 720 i do not know upgrade android 2.1 to 2.2 any one please guide to me