How To Install Engineering HBoot In HTC Desire HD

Engineering HBoot is needed for flashing custom Recovery on HTC Desire HD. You will also need to it before installing Radio on your HTC Desire HD. So here goes guide on how to install Engineering HBoot in HTC Desire HD. For the unaware, HBoot in simpler terms is similar to BIOS of your computer, that gives primary instructions for booting of the software.


VERY IMPORTANT: Flashing Engineered HBoot can be dangerous to your device and may result in permanent brick if not done properly. Proceed only if you know what your are doing and if you really need it. We are responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process.


1. Your HTC Desire HD should be have S-OFF and permanently rooted. Head over to guide on how to root HTC Desire HD which also does the S-OFF for you.

2. You should have ADB Setup in your computer.

3. You have to install “Terminal Emulator” App on the HTC Desire HD. It can be downloaded from Android Market.

4. Download the Engineering HBoot ( and unzip it’s contents on your computer.

5. Finally, make sure your phone has sufficient battery charge.


1. Copy or move the contents of the extracted Engineering HBoot folder to “platform-tools” folder located in the Android SDK folder

2. Put your HTC Desire HD into USB Debugging mode. To do it, go to “Applications”—> “Settings” –> “Applications” –> “Development” –> and check the box “USB debugging”.

3. Connect the HTC Desire HD to computer via USB Cable.

4. On the computer, launch “Command Prompt” and run the following command:

adb push hboot-eng.img /data/local

5. Launch Terminal Emulator App on the Desire HD and type the following command:

dd if=/data/local/hboot-eng.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

That’s it. You have successfully installed the Engineering HBoot on HTC Desire HD.

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