How To Install MAGLDR On HTC HD2

Since the release of MAGLDR by the Dark Force Team, it has become any easy task to install NAND android on HTC HD2. It supports both LEO512 and LEO1024. And what more, it’s the first Bootloader with built-in Tetris!

Install_magldr_htc_hd2FLASH MAGLDR ON HTC HD2

So if you are on the way to get rid of Windows Mobile 6.5 and flash NAND based Android, head to our guide on installation of MAGLDR on your HTC HD2.


1. You need to have HARDSPL (HSPL) installed before proceeding with MAGLDR instructions. If you haven’t installed it, follow our guide on how to install HSPL on HTC HD2 and then revert here.

2. Your HTC HD2 need to have Radio that supports 576RAM. Radio 2.08.50 are later is recommended. If you have not flashed it yet, go to our guide on installation of custom Radio ROM on HTC HD2.

Once you have the HSPL and Radio setup done, go ahead with the instructions to install MAGLDR on HTC HD2.


1. Login to your computer with administrator rights.

2. Download DFT_LEO_MAGLDR111.rar and extract it’s contents on your computer.

3 . Power off your HD2.

4. Press and hold Volume down key and Power button simultaneously until the phone boots into Bootloader

5. Now connect your HD2 to computer using USB cable.

6. Open the extracted folder and run the “ROMUpdateUtility.exe” utility.  Click OK if Windows UAC prompts.

7. Check the box that you read the caution and click “Next”.

8.  In the PDA Phone ROM Update Utility interface, check the box “I completed the steps indicated above” and click “Next”.

9. After the USB connection verification is done, click “Update”.

10. Now the process of flashing the MAGLDR will start. Wait for the process to complete 100%.

You are done. You have successfully installed MAGLDR on your HTC HD2.

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3 Responses

  1. donot do this says:

    DO NOT DO THIS… update Radio FRIST in WINMO or else you will never be able to update the radio otherwise.

  2. Daniel says:

    I have updated my radio, but this MAGLDR keeps telling me I need to be in admin mode. I’m the only use on my computer, so have admin rights what am I missing? I have WindowsXP.

  3. Kwetl says:

    Hi there, i am trying to install Nand rom on my htc hd2. spl=3.03; r=
    when i try to install MAGLDR, it gives me error 262. does not install spl=2.08 either. each time it recovers sucessfully on its own. Currently running wp6.5.