How To Install NAND Android ROM On HTC HD2

Finally, Dark Forces Team puts an end to booting process into Android through Windows Mobile 6.5. NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2 is available to download that lets you install Android into phone’s NAND memory. This means you will be wiping out Windows Mobile 6.5 and installing Android in it’s place. This custom NAND Android ROM is developed to resemble close to HTC Desire stock ROM.

install_nand_android_rom_htc_hd2FLASH NAND ANDROID ROM IN HTC HD2

So if you have decided to experience Android on your HTC HD2 in-place of Windows Mobile 6.5, go ahead with our step-by-step guide. Before attempting the instructions, you need to be aware of few things about your HD2.


1. You need to have MAGLDR 1.09 or higher installed on your HD2. If you haven’t done it, head to our guide on how to flash MAGLDR on your HTC HD2 and then return here.

2. Your device should have a Radio installed with 576MB RAM. Check our guide on installation of custom Radio ROM on HTC HD2.

Disclaimer: Note that by installing NAND Android ROM and MAGLDR, your device voids warranty. is not liable if you get your device bricked during the process. Proceed at your own risk.


1. Login to your Windows PC with administrator rights.

2. Download NAND Android ROM for HD2 on to your computer and extract it’s content.

3. Power off your HD2.

4. Connect HD2 to your computer via USB Cable.

5. Press and hold the “Power” button until it boots into “MAGLDR Boot Menu Screen”.

6. Now use the “Volume” button and choose the option “USB Flasher” option using “Call” button.

7. Your phone will now go into Android Flasher mode and may install usb drivers if needed.

8. On your PC, open the downloaded and extracted NAND Android ROM folder “DFT_LEO_NAND_Android” and run the executable file “DAF.exe”. If DAF.exe is missing run the file “Install.exe”.

9. Now installation of ROM will start. Wait till it completes.

10. After flashing the NAND Android ROM, your phone will reboot again and boot into “MAGLDR Boot Menu” automatically.

11. Now use “Volume” key and select the option 2 that says “Boot AD NAND” using the “Call” button.

12. Now NAND Android will start. Disconnect the USB connection with computer.

13. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup Android on your HD2

You are done. Enjoy Android on your HTC HD2. This version of Android is developed to make the look and feel like HTC Desire Stock ROM. Anytime, you desire to have Windows Mobile 6.5 back on your HTC HD2, flash the stock ROM again. MAGLDR and Android will be removed!

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39 Responses

  1. Atif SOhail says:

    How we can Return Back.

    • dkszone says:

      Just flash the original stock ROM again. Android and MAGLDR will get deleted.

      • slung says:

        Just flash the original stock ROM again????
        how n where to start?

      • Atif SOhail says:

        I did everything but i can not go Back
        Even i Downloaded Original Stock Rom
        I tried Theses Three




        After then i Extracted it and Rename LEOIMH.nbh
        Copied it into SD Card

        I went into bootloader
        and tried

        But I saw the only Message

        and after then it hangs.
        Do nothing

        I am Stuck

  2. martin says:

    HEY, IS THIS android 2.2 or 2.3?

  3. Josh says:

    is there a link for the original stock Rom??

  4. susmani says:

    if i want to install another rom after installing this one how would i do that ?

  5. envoy603 says:

    Flashed as per instructions, all worked well. Only thing I have noticed is low volume during calls, incomming mainly. Outgoing is fixed by disabling keypad tone sounds. On incomming calls, have to go speaker then back to earpiece and volume goes back to normal. Is there a fix to this?

    • Superwebsurfr says:


      Were you able to fix the in call audio issues? I’ve tried turning of keypad tones but doesn’t fix the problem. Please help. Thanks.

  6. slung says:

    hi, that android i installed got 2 problems, auto rotate screen is not working n the bluetooth too .any solution ?

  7. steven says:


    I install aMagLDR, and reboot my HD2 to flasher mode,
    it show message: “Wait USB…USB”, and hang there.

    Any idea how to fix it, you mentioned install USB driver? where to find and install it?

    Thank you.

    • paul says:

      I had the same problem steven. thy this

      # Go to control panel and then ActiveSync.
      # Uncheck allow USB connections.
      # Then execute DAF.

      i got it from here

  8. santana says:

    could some one tell me how to get mms to work with this got it working nice but cant get pic

  9. jitt says:

    No 3g is there a fixs or not

  10. steven says:

    Guys, I got it fixed(rollback to WM, never try again), to be able to install WM ROM back, TO DO THAT, need hold “volume down” and “power” button together with USB plugin, when you see “USB” at the screen, its time to update the new ROM from your computer. So Scary to see my dead phone yesterday.

  11. MikachDu says:

    Hi. Thanks. It’s working great for now. Only problem I might have is a little bit whit my internet connection. Is there some fix for that?47

  12. Dave M says:

    Works great. couple issues with the screen rotating and a lot of sync-ing. I can deal with those. Two issues I had with MS 6.5 on there. First, Microsoft sucks. Second, there weren’t that many apps available in the market. Love how android picks up and uses the 4g Tmobile network right off the bat. Been getting 5 to 8 mbps around Atlanta and 3 to 5 up here in the sticks. I have no reason to sign a new contract. Thank you to all those involved in making this happen.

  13. walid says:

    Works perfect. thanks!

  14. Dennis says:

    Works great except on games, it always hangs, like when I play robo defense, it crashes after 10 minutes or so. Also when connected to a wi-fi network. Anybody having the same problems?

  15. hsjakhar says:

    i am having sound problems i can hear what the person is say i tried to look other places but was not able to crclad file or what ever but i wont execute in android please help step by step i am new to android

  16. Egates says:

    Hi –

    Thanks for the instructions..the phone works great…
    I flashed windows then went back to stock ROM and re flashed Android and I love it. Only thing is my internet is not working it did this with the windows 7 as well.
    Is there a way I can get my inet to works.


  17. artur says:

    i fereazes a lot and i cant hear the voice while calling
    can i fixe this issue?

  18. artur says:

    also in mails i can work only in horizintal position

    can i fix this?

  19. Cisco says:

    Please provide instructions for flash win 6.5 stock ROM

  20. kumar says:

    I had to come back and say Thanks! Though it was a struggle to follow all the steps thru…its amazing to see how smooth and clean the results were…blutooth/wifi/sounds/ all perfect! Kept me the whole day exploring my ‘new’ phone. I may revert to winmobile though…i cud do more in winmo..
    Anyway a big THANKS!!

  21. superwebsurfr says:

    Hey guys,

    Has anyone figured out a way to fix the in call volume issue. I know disabling key tones helps a little but it doesn’t fix the problem. Please help. I really like this Rom and don’t want to go back.

  22. husy18 says:

    Hey everyone,

    I installed Android rom on my HTC HD2 a month ago, everything works very well, no problem with any of the features you’re discussing. I definitely don’t want to go back to WM. The only problem is battery life, hope DFT will fix this issue.
    I hope you all will fix your issues with this rom, it works very.

  23. husy18 says:

    I meant it works very smoothly :))

  24. Dante says:

    Hello, this “NAND” works on Xperia X1?. “Who would replace the operating system “Windows Mobile” for the Android system?”.
    How stable is battery, applications, etc..?, thanks, cheers!

  25. EM says:

    Everything is working great with wifi, I cannot get my 3G connection through Tmobile. Any suggestions?

  26. Mohamed_elseioufy says:

    I just installed it, it’s working perfectly 
    I’ve one problem i cannot find my contacts can u help me??

  27. Ali86 says:

    Hey thanks a lot everything is working great job i have no problems, camera video and pictures are good,Wifi ,….etc , I have only noticed that the voice volume of the speaker when on call is very low :S

  28. Hey Guys,
    I really need ur help, first i followed your instruction and anroid was awesome, but there was no arabic language and arabic is my mother tongue. so i flashed back to WM 6.5, 
    then i followed ur instruction to upgrade to WM 7 and unfortunately i don’t like it i want to change to android can you please help me how to do that the above instructions doesn’t work with WM 7 and please also tell me how to make android read arabic  

  29. Hey Guys,
    I really need ur help, first i followed your instruction and anroid was awesome, but there was no arabic language and arabic is my mother tongue. so i flashed back to WM 6.5, 
    then i followed ur instruction to upgrade to WM 7 and unfortunately i don’t like it i want to change to android can you please help me how to do that the above instructions doesn’t work with WM 7 and please also tell me how to make android read arabic  

  30. Loveisdreaming says:

    hi my friends pls help me . what is the this error(Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .RSPLRSPL.cpp (723))
     in daf.exe ?! 

    • Joseph Hill says:

      make sure you are in USB flasher mode in the magloader and then make sure your device is connected and sais “USB…USB”
      then this should fix your connection issue