Install Sense 3.0 based Gingerbread ROM on HTC Droid Incredible

A new custom ROM based on Gingerbread and HTC Sense 3.0 UI is now available for download for HTC Droid Incredible. The new Sense 3.0 UI was earlier introduced by HTC through the devices HTC Sensation and Flyer. Since then, developers have been in the process of porting the elegant Sense 3.0 UI to other devices.


Coming back to the custom ROM, the developer says that the ROM is in a good shape and is rock solid stable. The developer has removed all the Sprint bloatware apps and also some optimizations.

Named as ‘IncDoes 3D’, this ROM has following important features:

  • Full Sense 3.0
  • EVO 3D port
  • Stock battery % mod included
  • Rooted, Su/Superuser installed
  • Virtuous scripts
  • HTC Watch
  • SDcard speedfix
  • Green overscroll effect
  • EMMC Fix
  • Working Netflix
  • Trackball wake and unlock and more.

Now that you know the details of the custom ROM, lets get it up and running on your HTC Droid Incredible.

Disclaimer: Flashing custom ROM voids warranty. It also includes certain risks. We are not responsible if the device gets bricked or damaged during the process. Proceed at your own risk.



1. Connect the phone to computer and copy the ROM zip file to the root of the phone’s internal memory card.

2. Disconnect the USB connection and boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.

3. In the ClockworkMod Recovery, select ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ > ‘Yes – delete all user data’.

4. Select the option ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ > ‘Yes Wipe cache’.

5. Go to ‘Advanced’ and select ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ > ‘Yes – Wipe Dalvik Cache’.

6. Select ‘++++Go Back++++’.

7. Now select ‘Install zip from SD Card’ > ‘Choose zip from SD card’.

8. Select the zip file that you copied earlier and proceed with the installation.

9. After the installation is complete, select ‘++++Go Back++++’.

10. Select ‘reboot system now’.

Enjoy the new Sense 3.0 based new ROM!

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